Team #HappyPill Wins Singapore Cancer Society’s Smoke-Free Inter-Polytechnic Competition

On 21 January 17, a group of TP’s Marketing (MKG) Junior students – Mukmin Pitoyo, Darien Mark Anonuevo, Steffani Ang, Ryan Goh and Ham Ho Jun beat 24 other teams to win Singapore Cancer Society’s Smoke-Free Inter-Polytechnic Competition.  

The team’s key idea to launch #HappyPill on World No Tobacco Day 2017 includes many ideas such as an app for the game with Pacman and Smoke Monsters to encourage youths not to pick up smoking. The campaign will be played online and in selected campuses of tertiary institutions. The team stressed on “happy” as research findings has shown that the fear approach has lost its effectiveness among youths.

Its well-integrated campaign, using both digital and traditional marketing channels, capitalising on the World No Tobacco Day and its relevant tagline won the support of the judges!