His Designer Desserts Will Blow Your Mind

Culinary & Catering Management (CCM) alumnus and founder of FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, Charles Tan (left), with his former lecturer, Jeremy Sim

His Designer Desserts Will Blow Your Mind
by Ashraf Aris

If you are a fan of the wildly popular MasterChef TV series, then you would have seen the amazing desserts served by the competition’s guest chefs and contestants – desserts that make your mouth water and make you wish you could be eating them too.

Well, if you step inside the trendy FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, located in an unassuming corner of Bedok, you can!

“The idea behind FATCAT was simple – and that was to bring fine dining desserts to the heartlands,” said Charles Tan, TP’s CCM alumnus and brains of FATCAT.

“Our menu options are also priced affordably so that everyone, and not just the well-off, can enjoy and appreciate these types of desserts.”

While FATCAT does offer a standard menu, it is Charles’ inspired plated range that is turning his heartland customers into dessert connoisseurs.


From left: Calamansi Pops, Iced Commando Tea, Durian Kaya Sandwich and Avocado Fruit

The innovative ideas Charles and his team have already come up with include: Calamansi Pops, a delightful bite-sized calamansi lookalike that delivers a refreshing citrus-filled surprise; Iced Commando Tea, a delicious concoction of iced lychee tea, sea salt and fresh cream; Durian Kaya Sandwich, a perfect ice-cream combination of Mao Shan Wang durian and Kaya; and Avocado Fruit, a creamy avocado ice cream contained within a chocolate shell that looks like its namesake and served with homemade thick buttered toast.

Quality is of the utmost importance to Charles.

“Everything in FATCAT is made from scratch and we ensure that our ingredients are fresh and sourced from top quality suppliers,” he said.

“For example, my team and I went on a company trip to Japan, to meet with one of the best yuzu farmers from the Kochi prefecture. His produce is used in one of our latest creations ­– Fresh Yuzu, which is a yuzu sorbet contained within a chocolate shell passionfruit doppelganger.”

Jeremy Sim, Charles’ lecturer during his time in TP, isn’t surprised with FATCAT’s success.

“I was Charles’ liaison officer when he was interning at Restaurant André, a two-Michelin star establishment. Life inside that kitchen was challenging but he persevered and seized his opportunity to learn as much as he could,” said Jeremy.

“All of us at CCM are extremely proud of his achievements. We still continue to keep in touch and provide him advice and the support he needs to continue and succeed in this tough F&B industry.”

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