In conversation with … John Leong

Leading the CET Charge
by Ashraf Aris

Working towards TP’s goal of transforming into an educational institution that places equal emphasis on both its CET and PET programmes, are our colleagues from the Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA).

The man in charge is John Leong, Director of TSA.

“Last year was the start of our five-year plan, which is to triple the number of CET training places and the trainee-training hours by 2021,” he shared.

“We are targeting a 20 to 25 percent year-on-year increase, and I’m pleased to say that TP was successful in meeting our AY2017 target and is on track for this year too.”

John is confident that it can be achieved with the concerted effort of all TP staff.

“By 2021, we hope to get 80 percent of teaching staff involved in CET, and TP has rolled out a number of schemes to help staff prepare for their transition,” he said.

“For instance, TP has a buddy job-shadowing system, where we can arrange for lecturers new to CET to sit in and observe a class in session. Later on, they can conduct the class together with the experienced lecturer in charge of the CET programme. The buddy system is there to allay any doubts they may have and build their confidence in their abilities to teach adult learners.”

Other schemes include TP’s teaching block system, which gives lecturers the flexibility to plan their PET and CET teaching hour slots; and SCD’s industry attachment programmes, which help staff keep in touch with the latest trends in the industry and in the process, relate better with their adult learners.

Then, there are the monetary rewards to look forward to.

“Depending on the course and after they have fulfilled their 20-hour week teaching commitments, lecturers can earn $80 to $100 an hour teaching CET classes.” said John.

“For those who initiate a short course, a percentage of the revenue will also be included, besides the hourly remuneration. That’s extra money you can use to enjoy a nice dinner or take the family for a short holiday.”

As a former School of Engineering lecturer who has experience conducting both PET and CET classes, John has a message to those who are still having their doubts about their capabilities to teach adult learners.

“Just take the first step. It’s really not as daunting as many would assume. In fact, many of TP’s lecturers have provided feedback that they enjoyed teaching CET students more than PET,” said John.

“They found that adult learners are more motivated to learn, and lessons become an enriching experience for both student and teacher alike where current industry experiences are brought up and discussed during classes. Plus, the lecturers are then able to use these examples for their PET classes too.”

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