Strengthening Ties: MOUs with Oceanus Group & Blue Aqua International

Our close partnership with various industry sectors has been instrumental in ensuring the relevance of our programmes, our students and our staff. We constantly seek synergy that will bring benefits to both parties in areas such as collaborative R&D projects, joint training programmes, staff attachments, consultancy, student internship programmes and job placements. These strategic alliances ensure we have a finger on the pulse, and keep our staff and students close to industry’s best and latest practices. Working closely with our partners, staff and students are also being trained for swift response to threats coming through veterinary sources. 

We recently signed the following MOUs.

Strengthening Ties: MOUs with Oceanus Group & Blue Aqua International

The School of Applied Science at Temasek Polytechnic inked two MOUs at the recently completed AquaSG’17, an international Aquaculture Conference & Exhibition. 

Blue Aqua International Pte Ltd and TP will be setting up a joint research and training centre both at TP and their local farm. The Blue Aqua-Temasek Polytechnic Research Centre at the shrimp breeding farm will create opportunities for our students to have hands-on training in shrimp breeding, broodstock development and hatchery as well as farm operation and management.

Oceanus Group Ltd will collaborate with TP on aquaculture technology and R&D. The Oceanus Innovation Centre @TP will be set up, where TP staff will be involved in joint projects and training. The R&D will focus on aquaculture nutrition, disease and detection, treatment and prevention, broodstock and seedstock growth.

Temasek Polytechnic Working with NTUC FoodFare to Formulate Low GI Pizzas

Modernising the Complementary Health Products Industry 


TPs’ Centre of Innovation for Complementary Health Products works closely with various partners, enabling evidence-based innovation to facilitate the modernisation of the complementary health products industry.

Collaboration with Changi General Hospital
TP’s Centre of Innovation for Complementary Health Products and Changi General Hospital’s Clinical Trials and Research Unit (CGH CTRU) are collaborating to jointly establish programmatic areas of focus to test the safety and efficacy of targeted product groups, specifically in the field of Traditional Medicines, Health Supplements and Functional Foods. CTRU’s extensive expertise in conducting clinical trials for CHP, supported by its comprehensive infrastructure, will complement the Centre’s testing and developmental services to form a complete product development value chain.

Collaboration with Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association
Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association (SCPA) has been actively involved in the war against diabetes, recently holding a symposium focused on the latest TCM development in diabetic and kidney disease in the later part of 2015. With extensive experience operating the largest TCM clinic in Singapore and providing TCM education, SCPA can play a vital role in TCM clinical studies. The collaboration will include systematic studies of the efficacy of TCM formulations in the prevention/management of metabolic syndrome for pre-diabetes.

Collaboration with Techkon Properties Pte Ltd
Access to high-quality genuine ingredients is of paramount importance to our local SMEs. To ensure a secure supply of quality-assured ingredients, Techkon Properties Pte Ltd is establishing a footprint in Bazhong, China – a city being developed as a key hub for the production and supply of TCM herbs. The partnership would foster the setting up of a secure logistics infrastructure that allows herbs originating from Bazhong to be tested by the Centre, thus widening Singapore companies’ access to quality raw materials for product development and manufacturing. The assurance of quality tested ingredients will in turn increase consumer’s confidence in the manufactured products.

MOUs with Modular Farms Asia and Upgrown

Modular Farms Asia and Upgrown have signed MOUs with TP to set up container farming units for student training and applied research. The companies will provide the equipment and container units as well as manpower for skills based training, entreprenuership and plant technology seminars to TP staff and students.  School of Applied Science and Business students will be involved in collaborative learning and learn about plant cultivation, post-harvest technology, farm operation and management as well as marketing.





Temasek Polytechnic (TP) has signed an agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific to help it advance Surge Research & Education (SuRE) and its analytical science capability.  

The two organisations will jointly develop the research capabilities for biological surge testing and the rapid detection of veterinary pathogens in Singapore. The primary objective is to increase surge training for staff and students, deepen TP’s skillset in the analytical sciences, making TP both surge-ready and SkillsFuture-ready. Under this programme, staff and students will be trained to respond swiftly to biosecurity threats coming through veterinary sources with the aim of having a ready and deployable team, to help in environmental surveillance, and be able to support diagnostics, identification and mitigation of a biological threat when an emergency arises.  

TP initiated the Surge Research & Education (SuRE) Programme in 2014.  TP aims to establish a surge-ready team for environmental surveillance, to support rapid detection of veterinary pathogens, before they become a biological threat that gives rise to an emergency.  Initiation of the SuRE Programme consolidates TP’s School of Applied Science’s (ASC) efforts to-date in supporting government agencies and industries in their biosecurity and food safety projects.  Apart from Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and the National Environment Agency (NEA), existing partners of the SuRE Programme include DSO National Laboratories, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Merck Sharp and Dohme MSD Animal Health Innovation, and the Centre for Environment, Fishery and Aquaculture Science in the United Kingdom.

As part of the agreement, Thermo Fisher will provide training for staff and students in advanced analytical and diagnostic skills as well as related products and services to support the SuRE programme.



TP is the only polytechnic to work with AVA in helping the local foodfish farmers in crisis management planning against algal blooms which are becoming more common due to climate change. ASC and AVA recently jointly conducted the first one-day farm crisis management course. ASC will be working with individual farms in manpower training and farm crisis management planning using funding support from SPRING Singapore under the Innovation Capability Voucher Scheme.

AVA and TP will work closely in future algal bloom crises, with both parties participating in the crisis management in response to the needs of the farmers. ASC is training a pool of staff and students as part of the emergency response or SURGE team.



Partnering us in the development of live feeds is Apollo Aquarium Pte Ltd. As there is no local producer and supplier of live feeds, ASC has teamed up with Apollo Aquarium in forming a Live Feed R&D and Production Centre. Apollo Aquarium will scale up the live feeds for commercialisation.



CEFAS is the executive agency of UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). CEFAS is collaborating with ASC in research on aquatic health and diseases, joint seminars and workshops as well as staff exchange or attachment.



The Fisheries Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture (FRISP) signed an MOU with TP to collaborate in research and development in areas related to disease diagnostics, broodstock development and other areas of interest related to nutrition. Apart from R&D activities, ASC staff are attached to FRISP for hands-on training and field trips to sea food farms.



The MOUs with these partners aim to enhance the scope of aquaculture research and training, and cover joint research and publications, student and staff training, competency certification, and sponsorship of book prizes/course medals.



To enhance farm productivity and management, ASC and Lubritrade Ocean (Ubin) Pte Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), resulting in the first-of-its-kind aquaculture field laboratory in a commercial farm setting at sea.  ASC has the advantage to access 500m2 of farm space and work closely with the farm to conduct field tests, while Lubritrade Ocean can leverage on the R&D capabilities of ASC to better manage the health and nutrition of fish food.

TP is the first & only poly to have an off-shore aquaculture research station at a floating foodfish farm, where students apply what they learn about aquaculture, aquatic care and disease control/prevention, farm operation and management at the farm.



Under a Masters Agreement with Merck, Sharpe and Dohme (MSD) Animal Health Innovation Pte Ltd, ASC has been appointed as one of their diagnostic testing arms for pathogen detection in fish and shrimp samples from local and regional farms. This will strengthen our capability building for research, education and services for the aquaculture and veterinary industries.



Oceanus Group Ltd is a Singapore listed company and the largest land-based abalone producer in China with an annual production of 137.9 million abalone using the tank system.  Oceanus signed an MOU with TP to do research in improving the quality and production of abalone.  Apart from research, staff attachment and student internship also form part of the MOU.



The research collaborative agreement between ASC and Transalgae Israel Ltd makes TP the first teaching institution to sign such an agreement with a biotechnology research company from Israel with funding supported by the Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D (SIIRD) Foundation.



We signed an MOU with Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) with both parties agreeing to collaborate in veterinary research, diagnostic testing and training. Under the agreement, ASC will be developing low cost, user-friendly diagnostic tools or laboratory testing method for on-site diagnostic testing as part of WRS’s exotic animal care and management programme. WRS also agreed to sponsor course medals, bond-free scholarships, as well as internships with research projects for our students.

Surge Research & Education (SuRE) Programme

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