TP Horticulture Services Facility

With a history that spans sixteen years, ASC has gained the respect and recognition of industry for our wide range of expertise, high service standards, and commitment to providing innovative solutions to our stakeholders and customers. We have multi-disciplinary teams of researchers supporting various industries. One such team is the plant biotechnology team which works closely with industry partners in providing scientific consultancy, training, research and testing services.

Starting January 2018, we are set to further expand our range of services with the impending cessation of the orchid plantlet, seedling propagation and seedpod germination services by the Horticulture Services Centre (HSC) of the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). ASC has been working closely with HSC so that these services will still be made available for the flowering and ornamental plant industries. With this changeover, TP will be the only orchid seedpod germination and plantlet propagation provider for the floriculture industry.

Horticulture Services

With a well-equipped plant tissue culture facility, ASC  started providing orchid plantlet tissue culture services in late 2005 to an orchid nursery farm. Requests for similar plantlet tissue culture services for costus, ginger and ornamental aquatic plantlets were also received from ornamental fish farm and retail shops since 2006.  Plant tissue culture work is performed under stringent aseptic conditions and Standard Operating Procedures by a  team of experienced staff.


Other than providing contract services, ASC also collaborates with industry partners in research and development for improving crop productivity or for variety creation depending on the needs of the industry partner. Partners in research collaboration include Jurong Bird Park and Sky Green.

How to Get to TP's Horticulture Services Facility

Members of the public who wish to leave their plantlets and seedpods for our collection may go to the School of Applied Science General Office at East Wing, Block 1A, level 3.

Contact Us:

If you have any queries, drop us an email at:

Telephone: 67806444


Seed Germination

$50 (per seedpod)

Seedling Production

$15 (per lot of 25 seedlings)

Tissue Culture of Plantlets

For non-hobbyists/industry:

$850^ (for the first lot of 1000 plantlets)
$700 (for subsequent lot of1000 plantlets)

For hobbyists:

$200^ (for the first and subsequent lot of 200 plantlets)

Subculture of aquatic plants

Subculture of aquatic plants

Culturing of sterile plant parts

Utilisation of plant parts for tissue culture

Orchid plantlets, Costus plantlets and ornamental aquatic plantlets such as Ammania and Rotala are examples produced for the industry.

Care and monitoring of cultured plantlets

In-vitro culture of African violets

Aquatic plants

Orchid plantlets

Orchid plantlets

Costus plantlets