My Life. My Way. Wild about Wildlife

Nur Shabrina Binte Zulkifli
Diploma in Veterinary Technology

During my time in TP, I was given the opportunity to complete my Overseas Student Internship Programme at the Marine Discovery Centre, Landaa Giraavaru (Maldives). As part of the internship, I was tasked to assist with the sea turtle rehabilitation programme fish breeding programme as well as assist with the daily snorkeling trips carried out by a marine biologist. Some of the skills I picked up during this internship includes working safely with the sea turtles, making sure their pool was cleaned daily and ensuring they get their meals and treatments when deemed necessary. I assisted with the fish-breeding programme by ensuring that the spawn was counted daily, and making sure their feed (including algae grown in the facility itself) was sufficient. Prior to the snorkeling trips, I assisted the marine biologists in giving talks, educating the public about the reefs, which helped me gain more confidence in talking to large crowds. I gained more confidence being out in the sea, with constant exposure to snorkeling trips out by the reef.

Post graduation, I worked in a small animal clinic as a veterinary technician. Here, I gained my confidence with my clinical skills where it was put to use on a daily basis. Some of the skills I gained here included performing dental scaling/extraction on cats and dogs, catheterization of cats and dogs as well as surgical nursing. Having worked two years with The Animal Clinic Pte Ltd, I was granted a sponsorship to further my studies where I pursued my Bachelors in Veterinary Technology.

Having completed my diploma with TP, I was granted credit exemptions by the University of Queensland and went straight into the final year (3rd year). During my time in UQ, I completed placements at the university’s vet hospital where I witnessed unique cases. My interest and passion to work with wildlife landed me another placement at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital where I worked closely with koalas, as well as other Australian native wildlife for 6 weeks.

Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree, I decided to stay on for another year to pursue a clinical honour’s programme, which was offered to students of a suitable GPA for the first time. Once more, my passion for wildlife and all things exotic led to my decision to specialise in avian and exotics nursing where I spent the entire year with Dr Bob Doneley and his team (Bec De Gier, Gary Fitzgerald). As part of my thesis, I had the opportunity to work with Mike Noad and his team at the Cetaceans Ecology and Acoustics Laboratory, on a project titled “Spatio-temporal cluster analysis of the East Australian humpback whale population during their migration”.