Passion brought them here

Marcus Tan, Diploma in Culinary & Catering Management, Year 2

They’re Doing What They Love
by Ashraf Aris

For as long as Marcus can remember, he and his family would head over to his grandparents place almost every evening to have dinner together.

“I honestly can’t remember a time that we weren’t there for dinner prepared by my grandma,” said Marcus.

“It’s her way of expressing her love for us. She’s 80 this year, and she’s still cooking for us almost every single day.”

It was his grandmother’s cooking that ignited his passion for food. When he got a little older, Marcus found himself heading over earlier to help with dinner preparations and it wasn’t long before Marcus started cooking himself.

“I remember the time when my grandma and I were both cooking her specialty, which is curry chicken, for a chalet gathering I was having with my friends and they really enjoyed it,” Marcus recalled.

“A few months later, when I invited some friends over for dinner, they asked me to prepare the same dish again. I realised then that I am just like my grandma – we both love bringing people together through food.”

With his passion firmly in place, Marcus joined TP’s Culinary & Catering Management (CCM) course and looks forward to showcasing his skills in the kitchen and learning all he can from TP’s culinary masters so that he can turn his dream into a reality.

“I want to open café, a cosy place where customers continue to come over not only to enjoy good food but its ambience too.”

Kyara Marie Devaser, Diploma in Communication Design, Year 2

Growing up in a family inspired by art, it was not surprising that Kyara was similarly inclined even at a young age.

“My mother loves to do pottery and my aunt is an artist who is based in Sabah,” Kyara said.

“I wasn’t very good with words when I was younger so I was always encouraged to express myself through drawings and sketches.”

So Kyara knew she could count on her family’s support when she applied to join TP’s School of Design via the Early Admissions Exercise in 2016.

“The day before I had to attend the interview session in TP, my mom, dad and sister played the roles of the three interviewers. Even my brother got into the act as the usher who led me into the interview room,” Kyara recalled with a laugh.

“They asked me a series of questions and throughout the process helped me refine my answers. So I was well prepared and extremely confident for the real interview!”

Kyara is in her second-year of TP’s Communication Design course, her first choice pick, and loving every minute of her TP experience.

“I guess when you’re doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like work at all.”

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