Racing towards efficiency

Congratulations on a well-deserved podium finish, Team TP Eco Flash! From left: Karlin De Merisha, Alwin Wilson, Muhd Firdaus, Xu Yang, Lin Lin, Shazreen, Desmond, Muhd Ashrauf and Wu Tingheng

A Stunning Debut at Shell Eco-Marathon Asia
by Murugesh K Verlachamy

Temasek Polytechnic’s TP ECO FLASH made its much-anticipated debut at Shell Eco-Marathon Asia and secured the best possible result, winning gold in the Prototype – Hydrogen category.

Nine students from the Diplomas in Clean Energy and Mechatronics formed the team and were tasked with designing, building and driving a vehicle that ran on clean energy. Their combined efforts and expertise produced the Eco Challenger – a streamlined, hydrogen-powered car that punched well above its weight.

Competing in the Prototype – Hydrogen Category, the eco challenger found itself in a rather unconventional race. Instead of being judged on the usual criteria of how fast it was, it was judged on how much hydrogen it consumed during its time on the track. In this instance, the lower the amount of hydrogen consumed, the better the vehicle.

Unfazed by their more experienced competitors, team TP ECO FLASH excelled in the race and topped the charts with a final score of 404.3km per cubic metre of hydrogen.

“We couldn’t believe it ourselves and are elated to win,” shared team leader Xu Yang on the team’s unexpected victory.

“With no prior experience in designing and building a hydrogen-powered car, we are thankful that our school and teachers supported us on this journey to represent Singapore in Shell Eco-marathon Asia.”

Impressive Result Down to TP’s Expertise in the Field of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Being powered by hydrogen fuel stacks which were much smaller than those of its competitors meant the Eco Challenger was able to shed much of its unwanted weight, leading to a lighter and more energy efficient car.

With today’s world shifting its focus to clean energy, TP’s very own team of eco-warriors have certainly taken a big step towardsmoulding the future of hydrogen-powered vehicles.