Fish For Thought

Communication Design student Stephanie Loh is an advocate of saving the environment. Her recent project submission bagged the Student Creative Award for Print Ads at the Spikes Asia Awards 2016 – a prestigious awards ceremony for creative communications.

Based on a brief sponsored by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Stephanie took this opportunity to brainstorm and get creative. Singapore is a major seafood consumer nation in the Asia-Pacific region, which brought Stephanie to study our demand for seafood and come to a realisation that the oceans are rapidly being depleted of fish and many species are forced to the brink of extinction. She then came up with a technique to aid with conservation that would be beneficial to our environment.

With less than four weeks to prepare a concept, she took inspiration from magazines, posters at bus stops and online articles in order to generate an idea that promotes sustainable seafood. Where do people frequent on a weekly basis? Grocery stores. And that’s a place where we can find seafood as well—some sustainable, some endangered. She wanted to create an illusion that was almost too real when people picked out their fish, squids and other seafood.

With that in mind, Stephanie created three designs for the clear plastic bags (on rollers) that we use to pack seafood in before purchasing them. The bags display images of fishes in three categories: avoid, neutral and sustainable.


Humphead Wrasse


Metre Squid


Pacific Salmon


The fish image displayed on individual plastic bags is to mirror the concept of fish being “captured” and to let consumers know which seafood is more sustainable based on the visuals shown on their bags. Whenever someone pulls out a plastic bag, they can view information on sustainable seafood, and even have the option to download the “Fishial” app to find out if what they consume is sustainable. Stephanie’s new creative concept is a great way for us to stay aware and make more informed purchasing decisions.

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