My Life. My Way. Reaching for the Sky with Upgrown Farming

Terence Tan & Lionel Wong Kok Wei
Diploma in Biotechnology

Terence and Kok Wei both graduated from the Diploma in Biotechnology in 2007. They then continued to further their studies at the University of Queensland, Australia, graduating with a Bachelor of Marine Studies and Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Business) in 2013 respectively. In 2014 they bravely ventured out on their own to start their own company, Upgrown.

Upgrown is an urban farming company that specialises in indoor, greenhouse and controlled environment agriculture. They aim to equip farmers of any level of experience and scale, with the tools and knowledge to grow healthy, sustainable food for local communities and to run a commercially-viable operation.

Currently Upgrown has successfully made its mark in the local agricultural industry and has been invited to participate in many events such as World Cities Summit 2016, URA Urban Labs Exhibition 2017, and Innofest 2016-2017. They were also co-organisers of the Indoor Agriculture Conference 2016-2017. To date, they have also facilitated more than 3 projects of modern urban farm set-ups in Asia and have a standing MOU with Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Applied Science.

Temasek Polytechnic has brought both Terence and Kok Wei a step closer to achieving their goals by inspiring them to reach for the sky – both literally and figuratively.

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