Welcome to School of Engineering!

If you’re an ‘O’ level graduate looking to further your studies, a secondary school student planning for your future, or simply someone who have loves to have fun – we have what you’re looking for!

Visit our Open House and check out our wide range of exciting Engineering diploma courses to suit your interests.

Date: 9 – 11 Jan 2020 (Thur – Sat)
Time: 9.00am to 6.00pm
Venue: Level 3 concourse, School of Engineering, Temasek Polytechnic.


● Ice-cream Dispensing Robot
Forget about McDonald’s desserts. Grab your free cup of ice-cream at our Diploma in Mechatronics booth, served to you by a robot, no less.

● Eco Fuel Cell Car
Catch our award-winning Eco Fuel Cell car that runs on hydrogen. It will be parading along the Level 3 concourse.

● Intelligent Robots
So you think you are smarter than a robot? Talk, interact, and play with our intelligent robots and let’s see!

● 3D Printing
From toys and figurines, to weapons and even human organs – find out how you can create authentic real life products within minutes with 3D printing!

● Drone Display
Be mesmerised by our expert students skilfully manoeuvring a drone through various obstacles to reach its target destination. Do you think you can fly one equally well?

● Private Jet
Get up close and personal with a Hawker Siddeley 700A private jet – the kind used to by heads-of-states on their official visits around the world.

● Free Sourvenirs!
Follow us on Instagram (#TPENGINE) and grab our special limited edition souvenirs at the redemption booth along our Level 3 concourse.

● Exciting photo opportunities
Go shutter-happy at our various insta-worthy exhibits, and wow your followers!

Come join in the fun and excitement at our School of Engineering!