Turning a Passion into a Profession: WorldSkills Singapore (WSS) Competition for Chemical Laboratory Technology

The School of Applied Science hosted the inaugural WorldSkills Singapore (WSS) for Chemical Laboratory Technology (CLT) trade from 14-18 Jan 2019. Despite the stiff challenge from various IHLs such as NYP, NP, NTU, our student Charlotte Gayondato Yap performed well to clinch the Medallion for Excellence.

The WorldSkills organisation aims to inspire young people to develop a passion for skills, through competitions and promotions. The WSS competitions measure excellence, celebrate Champions, and encourage hundreds of thousands of young people to turn their passions into a profession.

One of the Staff Facilitators, Dr Attapol Pinsa, said, “Several qualities are important in such a competition. You need flexibility – an open mind,  receptive to other people’s ideas and to alternate ways of completing tasks. Determination is also important – always being optimistic and staying focused on tasks. Finally, resilience – learning from mistakes and moving on very quickly.”