TP InfoTech Day 2018

Temasek Polytechnic’s TP InfoTech Day 2018 is an annual showcase of innovative projects by the final year students of the poly’s School of Informatics & IT. This year’s event showcases 30 projects developed by graduating students, some of which were done in collaboration with industry partners and various government agencies.

This year’s theme is “Digital Innovation and Transformation – Start Small, Think Big” and the projects have been divided into three sub-themes: Future of Tech & FinTech, Growth & Opportunities in AI and Analytics and Next-Gen Security Evolution.

The project show will take place on Tuesday, 20 March 2018 at the Polytechnic Foyer, and it is open to the public from 1pm – 5pm. Among the visitors to the event will be prospective employers who will be looking to connect with graduating students seeking employment.

Here are some sample projects on showcase:

Future of Tech & FinTech  - Clinical Training Using Augmented Reality

Mannequin Augmentation is an educational training simulation combining the use of augmented reality (AR) with high fidelity mannequins. Using AR technology, the application is able to overlay information and graphics onto the mannequins, enabling trainees to obtain a visual and tactile sense of emergency situations. Thus, it will bring a new dimension of realism by allowing mannequins to portray emotions such as sadness or pain, and psychological symptoms such as confusion.

Growth & Opportunities in AI and Analytics  - Energy Consumption Dashboard

 Imagine knowing exactly which appliances are responsible for your increasing electrical bills at home. You could find out which appliances are frequently used and identify those taking up more energy. With this dashboard, you can easily track the energy consumption of every appliance in the house, and receive information such as what time it was turned on, and how long it was left running. From this information, you can also look out for the safety of the family when there are anomalies recorded on the dashboard. For example, a kitchen appliance which has been turned on for too long and generating a very high level of energy consumption could be an indication of an accident.

Next-Gen Security Evolution  -  Advanced Detection of Web Attacks

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) relies on specified rules to detect from malicious attacks. However, existing WAFs only protect generic attacks, so attackers can use more advanced and complicated attacks to bypass these rules. The Advanced Web Application Firewall Rulesets project aims to ensure rulesets are constantly updated to defend against the most recent attacks. This benefits webmasters, businesses and anyone who owns a website as it enhances the security of their websites.

A full list of the projects can be found at

A Seminar featuring talks by IT professionals, will take place concurrently, from 1pm – 5pm, in Auditorium 2 of the polytechnic: 




Welcome by Mr Seah Chong Poh, Assistant Director, TP School of Informatics & IT

2.05pm AI and the 4th Industrial Revolution by Mr Ng Aik Beng, Senior Solutions Architect (Deep Learning), NVIDIA

The Insider’s Guide to Information Security by Mr Mervyn Lim, Head, Information Security and Compliance, Kaspersky Lab


nuTonomy and the Future Urban Mobility by Mr Cody Kamin, Manager, Singapore Operations nuTonomy


Overcoming Adversity, Transformation and Success by Mr David Cheang Founder & CEO, FuLife Pte. Ltd. & DC13 Group of Companies

4.00pm Zeemart – Remodeling the B2B F&B Industry by Mr Keith Tan, Co-Founder Zeemart
4.30pm An Entrepreneurship Journey: From TP -> to Bitcoin -> to Hybrid Blockchain by Mr Peter Yeo, Director–General, XinFin
5.00pm FoodZaps – Building Singapore’s Most Innovative & Scalable F&B App by Ms Chelsea Chan, Co-Founder & Project Director, FoodZaps

Media Invite

You and your crew/photographer are cordially invited to the TP InfoTech Day 2018 on Tuesday, 20 March 2018 from 1pm onwards, at TP’s Main Foyer to view the projects and to speak to the student inventors behind them. Interviews with staff and students can be arranged.

For confirmation of your attendance or further enquiries, please contact Senior Corporate Communications Officer (Media Relations), Ms Vimala Christie at 67805019/97900319.