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Temasek Polytechnic (TP) strives towards equipping students and working adults with knowledge and skills in sustainability.   


TP has been doing this through courses that prepare students for sustainability related job opportunities in areas like renewable energy and built environment.  The Diploma in Architectural Technology & Building Services teaches our students to reduce a building's energy consumption, assess the economic viability of improving energy performance and even equip our students with skills to select sustainable materials for green buildings. 


The topic on sustainability has also been embedded into subjects across many diplomas. Accountancy students are exposed to themes such as sustainability reporting & socially-responsible investing; Business students in Sustainable Business Practices; Culinary students in sustainable food sourcing; International Trade & Logistics students in reverse logistics & logistics carbon footprints; Law students in green governance. 


Outside the classroom, students are involved in projects to address sustainability. Students undertake projects related to next generation Lithium-ion energy storage system, battery recycling, sustainable aquaculture systems, crops cultivation technologies, waste valorization and sustainable building materials at our research centres. TP Beyond Design Centre organises an annual Sustainability Design Award competition that is weaved into the curriculum. This encourages our final-year students to conduct in-depth research on a chosen sustainability issue and propose a comprehensive design solution which is practical, feasible and commercially viable. 

Pre Employment Training (PET)

Sustainability & Climate Action (SCA), a TP Fundamental subject, was introduced in April 2023 for students in all diploma courses to read. This will provide our students with an appreciation on how human activities lead to carbon emission and the consequent impact to climate and biodiversity. Students will also understand what actions are taken by governments and international organizations to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change, as well as what the students themselves can do to ensure a more sustainable world. 


In addition, we recognize that sustainability will impact almost all industries.  Hence, we will be infusing sustainability topics into all curriculum so that our students will be equipped with skills and knowledge that enable them to work in an environment that will be more conscious of sustainability, For instance, how designers need to design products that require less materials or are simpler to manufacture; and how accountants need to understand Life Cycle Analysis to help companies monitor their carbon footprint.

TP Fundamentals (TPFun)

Sustainability & Climate Action

This subject prepares students to be responsible global citizens and future leaders who can contribute to the global community. It introduces the topics of sustainability and explores how human societies can act to build a sustainable future. This subject focuses on the impact of climate change, potential solutions to climate change, and the future of the green economy from global and local perspectives.

Continuing Education and Training (CET)

Temasek Polytechnic offers a wide range of CET programmes, ranging from short courses to full qualification courses to meet the respective needs of individuals and corporations. The list can be seen below (not exhaustive):


  • Specialist Diploma in Energy Management & Sustainable Design

  • Specialist Diploma in Environment & Water Technology 

  • TP-SIT Work-Study Post-Diploma (Specialist Diploma in Sustainable Energy Management)

  • Modular Certificate in Environmental & Waste Management  

  • Modular Certificate in Sustainable Aquaculture and Environmental Sciences

  • Grid-connect Solar Photovoltaic System with Battery Storage 

  • Refrigerant Handling for Chiller

  • Sustainable Building Design Principles and Process 

  • Introduction to Energy Storage System

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission, Carbon Tax and Energy Efficiency 


In the immediate future, TP is launching more initiatives to build capabilities in sustainability.


For adult training and continuing education, we will be launching new courses progressively in 2022 and 2023, in areas such as, green financing (e.g. sustainability reporting, risk management and carbon markets), electrification of transport (e.g. electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and battery technology), and alternative fuels (e.g. hydrogen generation and fuel cells).


Finally, TP will deepen our applied research in areas, such as alternative protein development and nutritional analysis, agri- and aqua-food technologies, fuel cells and sustainable materials (e.g. low-carbon building materials).  Through these research and development projects, we aim to support Singapore companies who are looking to tap into new sources of business opportunity in the area of sustainability.


We have seen an increasing demand for sustainability courses. There is a nationwide push for sustainability, and more ambitious targets for green the energy & power, built environment and manufacturing sectors have been set under national movements such as Solar Nova program, Singapore Green Plan 2030, Singapore Green Building Masterplan (SGBMP). As sustainability permeates through most, if not all sectors, corporations and individuals seek training in a myriad of areas.