Career Kick-starter

Keen on picking up a new skill or kick-starting your career? You’ve come to the right place! Graduates from the class of 2021 and male alumni completing their national service this year will gain exclusive access to employment opportunities, career coaching, a $500 course credit and a free post-diploma certificate. Get yourself industry ready today!

  Job Finder

Keen on picking up some valuable work experience? Check out our internal job listings at TP and industry employment opportunities!

  Start Up

Got the perfect idea for a start-up? Let us help you bring it to life at the Temasek Launchpad.

  Upskilling Courses

All full-time graduates from the class of 2021 and male alumni who have/will be completing their National Service in 2021 can look forward to the following:
  • Opportunity to sign-up for ONE FREE Post-Diploma Certificate*
  • Exclusive $500 course credits to sign-up for a further two programmes from our curated course list*
*Graduates from the class of 2020 and male alumni who completed their National Service in 2020 will also be eligible for the above if they have not already claimed their free post diploma certificate or utilised their $500 course credits. Course credits can only be utilised for any 2 of the courses listed under the five skill domains.

 Career Coaching

Let our career guidance counsellors help you sharpen your interview skills, refine your resume, or match you with job opportunities. TP graduates can receive career coaching for up to two years after graduation!