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Specially for TP Grads Class of 2020

Are you looking for a short-term job? Join us at TP and pick up valuable work experience in the process. Click on the link below to see the employment opportunities we have on offer.

To apply, please submit your resume to:
Please indicate clearly the department/position that you are applying for. Applicants are to use Application for Temp Position in TP - <State the position you are applying for> as their subject header when sending their emails.

Position Job Description Period Required Related Diplomas
Temp Staff – School of Design (DESs)  / Video Producer

Vacancies: 2
Job Duties:
  • Script, plan, co-ordinate, film and edit a series of videos for DES publicity and outreach.
  • Work closely with the design team to communicate brand messages through appropriate video content for social media platfoms.
  • Support media coverage for key DES events such as Open House, MOU signings, Design Show 2021
9 mths Digital Film & TV / Communications & Media Management
Temp Staff – Corporate Communications (CCD)  / Video Producer

Vacancies: 4
Job Duties:
  • Script, plan, co-ordinate, film and edit a series of PET Diploma videos for publicity and outreach.
  • Work closely with the Content team in CCD to communicate brand messages through appropriate video content for online platforms.
  • Other publicity related tasks/projects as and when assigned
4 mths Digital Film & TV / Communications & Media Management
Safe Distancing / Temperature Screening Ambassadors - Enterprise Risk Management Department

  • To ensure that all persons on campus adhere to safe distancing measures and rules while on TP premises. This will include monitoring and patrolling our campus, class rooms, canteens and facilities to enforce these measures and ensure they are strictly carried out.
  • To assist at TP temperature screening stations.
Temps will be rostered on 8-hour Morning/Afternoon shift (1-hour meal break) for 6 working days (including weekends) with 1 rest day per week.
3 mths
(Aug onwards)
Teaching Assistant - School of Informatics & IT (IIT)  / Designer-cum-Developer for eLearning Content

Vacancies: 5
  • Work with subject matter experts to design and develop high quality e-learning content
  • Design interactive and engaging content for polytechnic students and adult learners
  • Design scripts and storyboards for e-learning
  • Design and develop animation to convey concepts
  • Assemble media elements within eLearning platforms and authoring tools to create instructional assets
  • Experience in video and audio recording and editing is required
  • Applicants with competence in eLearning platforms and authoring tools such as Articulate/Storyline/Rise, Premiere Pro and Illustrator/Photoshop would be preferred
6 mths  
Teaching Assistant - School of Business (BUS) 

Vacancies: 6
Job Duties:
  • Assist the lecturers in the development of online learning materials.
  • Facilitate planning and communication of lessons materials, and schedules to support smooth lesson flow.
  • May be required to assist in production, curation and edit photos and videos for purpose of marketing of diploma.
  • Manage marketing collateral production timeline and ensure all deliverables are consistent with school brand and guidelines.
  • To provide administrative support, in record keeping, updating of attendance and other student data.
  • Have strong communication, interpersonal skills and be a team player
  • Competence in use of web-based applications, media applications for e-learning and courseware production
  • Experience in photograph and video production, editing
  • Preferred experience in Premiere Pro, Aftereffects and Photoshop, or equivalent.
6 mths  
Teaching Assistant - School of Applied Science (ASC)  / Diploma in Veterinary Technology (VET) Job Duties:
  • Develop e-learning materials for subjects in aquaculture related modules such as Fish Health and Diseases, Breeding Techniques and Broodstock Management, Feed Nutrition and Preparation, Water Quality Management, Sustainable Aquaculture as well as other veterinary related modules.
  • Prepare teaching materials for practical/ practicum classes
  • Assist lecturers in practical/practicum classes when required
  • Perform administrative duties
  • Diploma in Veterinary Technology
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Basic photo and video editing skills
  • Candidate with prior experience working/interning in an aquaculture/ornamental fish farm will be advantageous
  • Possess interest in developing e-learning materials
  • Innovative and a team player
6 mths Veterinary Technology
Teaching Assistant - School of Applied Science (ASC)  / Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science (PHS)

Vacancies: 2
Job Duties:
  • Develop e-learning materials for subjects in pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical analysis and manufacturing technology as well as current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
  • Prepare teaching materials for practical/ practicum classes
  • Support the development of virtual reality (VR) pharmacy modules
  • Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science with relevant background in Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology and current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Basic photo and video editing skills
  • Familiar with gowning and clean room disinfection procedures
  • Candidate with prior experience working/interning in a hospital setting pharmacy will be advantageous
  • Possess interest in developing e-learning materials
6 mths Pharmaceutical Science
Teaching Assistant - School of Engineering (ENG)  / For eLearning Development

Vacancies: 10
Job Duties:
  • Design and develop interactive and user-friendly e-learning courseware
  • Create, modify and integrate media assets to support courseware such as videos, graphics, audio, animation
  • Work with subject matter experts (SME) to:
    • produce storyboards, content and timelines in accordance to SME needs
    • plan and manage development of e-learning materials and ensure complete work
    • address changes and act on feedback from subject matter experts in a timely manner
  • Good knowledge of story-boarding skills (a plus)
  • Use of video-camera for live recording sessions
  • Savvy and good knowledge in the use of graphics, video and audio editing tools
  • Conversant in use of Microsoft Office applications
  • Familiar with multimedia development software such as  Panopto and/or other relevant software (e.g.: Articulate Storyline)
  • Knowledge in the use of data analytical tools to provide learner support (a plus) 
  • Possess good communication skills
  • Possess good time management skills and exhibit strong resilience
  • Resourceful, creative and highly motivated
6 mths  
Research Executive - School of Engineering (ENG) 

Vacancies: 10
Job Duties:
  • To participate in technology project development including in electronic, electrical, computing and mechanical engineering domains
  • To design, prototype, system-integrate and test such developments
  • To perform data analysis and report writing on these developments
  • To also engage various stakeholders (including industry partners) to get project requirement and present the developments and results
  • Trained in electronic, electrical, computer and mechanical engineering areas
  • Technically competent in at least 1 of the below:
    • Embedded system design
    • Mechanical design and prototyping
    • Control system design techniques, simulation
    • Computer programming
  • Good analytical skills, resourceful with a creative mind
  • Good communication skills and ability to present technical subjects clearly in team meetings and reviews
Teaching Assistant - School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) / Diploma in Psychology Studies (PSY) Main responsibilities is to develop a series of publicity materials in mediums such as print and digital media.
  • To design and produce art work that includes re-design of the publicity collaterals, slides, posters and video clips mainly for Diploma in Psychology Studies’ course but also for HSS.
  • Be involved in the production of event-based publicity materials for events such as Open House, Applied Studies Experience and a prospective forum on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Basic training or experience in graphics design or visual communication for both print and digital media
  • Proficient with working in the Microsoft Powerpoint environment and is familiar with the use of at least one other graphics design application (i.e., Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, etc)
  • Ability to self-manage in a work-from-home environment
  • Strong communication skills and enjoys producing original works
5 mths  
Temp Staff – Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) Mud Crab Breeding Project
  • Preparing feed and conditioning of mud crab broodstock
  • Checking water parameters
  • Disinfecting, preparation and maintenance of RAS (12X Systems)
  • Maintenance of 114 cement tanks (cleaning, water change, disinfecting and etc)
  • Mud crab larviculture, taking care of zoea till crablet
  • Culture and enrichment of live feed
  • Data collection (SGR, mortality, behavioural and etc)
  • Hatchery and nursery for other crustaceans (crayfish, lobsters, shrimps and etc)
  • Husbandry for Fin fish projects
  • General farm maintenance
  • Conducting farm tours
  • Housekeeping
  • Supporting industry projects conducted at the farm
8 mths Relevant Applied Science diplomas
Temp Staff – Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) Aquaculture Nutritional Studies Project
Duties include, but not restricted to:
  • fish or shrimp husbandy, i.e. regular water quality parameters monitoring, daily feeding, tank cleaning and water change when necessary.
  • assist during fish/shrimp handling and measurement (weight/length)
  • record keeping (e.g. water quality parameters, feeding rate)
  • assist during feed making process (weighing, extruding, drying, cleaning, packaging)
  • taking measurements for growth and feeding performance, feed digestibility , record keeping and husbandry
8 mths Relevant Applied Science diplomas
Temp Staff – Research & Technology Development (RTD) Requirements:
  • Good familiarity with Microsoft EXCEL and Winword
  • Meticulous and attentive to details
  • Understanding of contracts, Intellectual Property will be advantageous
Job Duties:
  • Verifying correctness of existing data/information in “Orbit Asset Management” (AM) against TP’s own local records
  • Uploading of related data to AM (e.g. Licence Agreement, RCA, invoices from patent agents, patent grant certificate etc.)
  • Meta-tagging the uploaded document
  • Entry of key patent-related dates and reminders to person-in-charge
  • Investigating the use of AM for general contract management
  • Supporting other admin work within RTD
6 mths  
Temp Staff – Finance & Administration (FNA) Support Student Finance operations in:
  • Process of financial related applications
  • Support billing and refund operations
  • Support receipting, collection and Accounts Receivable operations
  • Attend to phone and hotmail enquiry
  • Support any other administrative tasks, duties or ad-hoc projects
  • Preferably with Diploma in Accounting
7 mths  
Temp Staff – Finance & Administration (FNA) Job duties to be assigned include:
  • Assist in the billing processes for full qualification, certifiable and non-certifiable short courses
  • Assist in the budget loading for CET courses
  • Assist in the Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) collection process via Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Provide necessary support to business users on any CET-related matters
8 mths  
Temp Staff – School of Engineering (ENG)  Job Duties:
  • Support the Academic & Administrative Support (AAS) staff team in General Office and Staff Block support operations
  • Support and plan for creative Outreach efforts especially in view of less physical events
  • To contribute to e-engagement plans for the School including social media and e-activities
  • Assist AAS staff team in other matters as and when assigned or required.
  • Pleasant disposition, meticulous and detailed with an eye for details
  • Good experience with social media
  • Good working knowledge with Excel preferred
9 mths  
Temp Staff – School of Applied Science (ASC) / Water Technology (WT)
  • To conduct Microalgae research work and pilot studies
  • To assist in VR developmental project work
  • To supervise students in related research projects and oversee housekeeping
8 mths Chemical Engineering
Temp Staff – School of Applied Science (ASC) / VET Staff will be required to:
  • Perform housekeeping of animal and fish facilities
  • Assist in operation, care and maintenance of laboratory equipment
  • Support full time TSOs in the preparation of reagents and apparatus for practical lessons and assessments
  • Coordinate bringing of companion animals for practicals involving small live animals or pocket pets
  • Assist in the supervision of students and co-facilitation in practical lessons and/or research projects.
7 mths Veterinary Technology
Temp Staff – School of Applied Science (ASC) / Centre for Applied Nutrition Services (CANS) Technical support in the following areas:
  • Recipe/Product development
  • Standardisation and Scaling up of recipes
  • Sourcing of ingredients
  • Nutrient analysis
  • Packaging
  • Work on logistics for distribution
  • Data management – Data entry, Data analysis
9 mths Applied Food Science & Nutrition, Baking & Culinary Science
Temp Staff – School of Applied Science (ASC) / Centre for Urban Sustainability (CUS)
  • Generate preliminary data in ash by-products
  • Generate preliminary data in lightweight  concrete
  • Generate preliminary data in buoyancy studies
  • Support CUS in technical duties (e.g. procurement, lab support, specimens/experiments preparation)
9 mths Chemical Engineering
Temp Staff - Staff Capability Development (SCD)
  • Generating and prototyping ideas for learning-related comms and engagement with staff
  • Assist with Cybersecurity and Basic Digital Literacy assessments (tracking, edms, compilation of data, helping out at clinics)
  • Assist with training programme administration
7 mths  
Temp Staff - Library (LIB) Requirements:
  • Graduated with Diploma in Information Technology (or equivalent)
  • Competent in UiPath and .NET
  • Possesses good communication and interpersonal skills
Job Duties:
  • To work with LIB process owners to understand the workflows to automate
  • To design and develop robust RPA bots to automate the workflows using UiPath
  • To brief LIB staff on the developed bots so that LIB staff can maintain them.
  • To improve existing UiPath RPA bots
9 mths Information Technology (or equivalent)
Temp Staff - Library (LIB)
  • Work with subject matter experts to design and develop high quality e-learning content
  • Design and create visually appealing, interactive and engaging content for the Temasek Gallery
  • Gamify library’s learning journey for polytechnic freshmen
  • Competent with Articulate/Storyline, Premiere Pro and Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Experience in video and audio recording and editing
8 mths  
Temp Staff - School of Informatics & IT (IIT)  / Application Developer The applicant should preferably be a Diploma in Information Technology graduate with skills and experience in the following:
  1. developing Android mobile applications;
  2. developing web applications;
  3. using AI and machine learning technologies.
9 mths Information Technology
Temp Staff - Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA)
  • Course Administration Support
  • Attend to public enquiry (emails, walk-ins and calls)
  • Track number of courses taken by alumni/payment.
  • Prepare reports
  • Logistic support (classroom set up)
9 mths  
Temp Staff - Corporate Procurement (CP) / Digitalisation projects
  • Providing support and the development of IT applications such as chatbot, RPA and data visualization.
  • Should have a deep understanding of the application’s functionality and backend
  • Providing the support to the application development, transition, and testing teams, resolve and document any issues with the application.
  • Works in a team setting
  • Proficient in applications development and monitoring tools and techniques
  • Familiar with the relevant software platforms on which the solutions are deployed
  • Able to apply critical thinking skills to identify and solve problems
  • Passionate about analysing and resolving problems, and addressing technical challenges
  • Possesses strong interpersonal skills
6 mths All IT related Diplomas
Temp Staff - IT Services (ITS) The temp staff will be guided by DIT infrastructure engineers for the following tasks:
  • Confirming the location of server and network device in data centres.
  • Confirming the location of edge network access switches in equipment rooms across TP.
  • Updating the server and network device inventory listing
6 mths All IT related Diplomas
Temp Staff - Estates & Facilities Management (EFM)
  • To conduct random audits on term contractors, including cleaning contractor, to ensure works are being carried out in accordance with specifications and within the given time frame.
  • To conduct regular site inspections to ensure that services and systems are in good operational condition at all times.
  • To liaise and coordinate with EFM colleagues on daily routine and corrective maintenance and ensure that the monthly maintenance and servicing works scheduled are carried out accordingly.
  • To be assist EFM project officers in upgrading, retrofitting and refurbishment works.
  • To provide additional support to event and AV support team in ensuring that building facilities and services are in good working order.
  • Any other facilities management related tasks as determined by the management of EFM.
7 mths Integrated Facility Management
Green Building & Sustainability