Centre for TransCultural Studies

The creation of a Centre for TransCultural Studies at Temasek Polytechnic marks an exciting new chapter in the development of the Polytechnic. Bringing together expertise and knowledge from across the different schools and departments allows us to create an integrated centre serving both students and industry professionals alike.

Why TransCultural Studies?

More than just intercultural and cross cultural, transcultural connotes transcending national boundaries and cultures, recognising and respecting differences and having the skills and competencies to reconcile and resolve differences.


A collaboratory reputed internationally for academic, research and corporate programmes to develop global citizens with transcultural competencies for students and working adults.


A dedicated centre shaping glocal citizens and global leaders for a diverse community and dynamic world through Community, Arts, Culture, Heritage & Earth stewardship.


The vision and mission translate into the following goals:

  • to create platforms and opportunities for students to develop transcultural competences for future worklife, be it in Singapore or overseas.
  • to position TP strategically as a globally connected and locally integrated educational institution in the global education network.
  • to provide cross cultural experiences for staff and students.
  • to provide partnering opportunities to build TP’s volunteer capital with industry partners through their corporate social responsibility.
  • to create opportunities for TP to nurture future generations of global citizens, imbued with a strong sense of community to steward and create a sustainable world.
  • to partner with industry to prepare executives for work in the global workplace.

Cross Disciplinary Subjects

Student Activities

Glocal Connect Village

Glocal Connect Village


The Glocal Connect Village (GCV) was launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 23 November 2012 as an icon of Temasek Polytechnic’s internationalisation strategy.

The aim of GCV is to stimulate among local students and community members a global mindset, provide global experience, foster global partnerships, and promote the global branding of the institution.

The GCV is a physical ‘connecting place’ for Temasek Polytechnic staff and students, as well as local and international partners. This is where the world comes to TP and TP goes out to the world. The GCV has a portal that serves as a platform for performances and interactions, an Art Gallery, a Multimedia Lab for students to learn foreign languages and cultures, and classrooms. In addition, it has fifty residential learning spaces for students who take the subject Transnational Studies. GCV can also accommodate international exchange programmes.

To find out more about the Glocal Connect Village and how you can be part of it, please contact

Clay Workshop

Students from the Cross Disciplinary Subject Understanding Expressions of Culture (UEC) attended pottery lessons during the Out-of-campus Learning week January this year here at the GCV as part of opportunistic learning.

The pottery class is a pilot collaboration between CTS, Temasek Potters, and the School of Design. Aida and Latip (representing Temasek Potters and School of Design respectively) were the facilitators for this pottery workshop.

The goal is to make 2 tea cups within 3 hours. In the process of making pottery, students experimented with the different stages of clay and learnt to handle different types of tools and materials that were essential to make pottery. Students also gained a better appreciation of the characteristics of clay and the cultural values behind this art form.

Woodblock Printing by Artist Naoki Takenaouchi

Staff and students had an opportunity to learn woodblock printing from renowned Japanese artist, Naoki Takenaouchi. In collaboration with the Japan Creative Centre, staff and students learn from the artist himself the art of traditional Japanese woodblock printings known as Mokuhanga with the use of Japanese Washi Paper. A mini exhibition also showcased Mr Takenaouchi’s arts.




Global Community Day 2015 in conjunction with The Spirit of Singapore Fiesta

Global Community Day 2015 in-conjunction with The Spirit of Singapore Fiesta was held on 23 July 2015. The event was jointly organised by International Relations and Industry Services Department and Centre for TransCultural Studies. The overall theme for the event was The Singapore Connect, which was aimed at getting the community to connect and bond via a range of integration-friendly arts and cultural activities.

About 1000 participants, including local and foreign students from the 5 polytechnics, embassies and high commissions, secondary school students as well as industry guests attended this event.

In addition to the community project – “For the Community, By the Community”, there were also 13 workshops conducted by embassies, high commissions, external agencies and students to showcase the diversity amongst countries, nationalities and races.

In conjunction with GCD 2015 was The Spirit of Singapore Fiesta, dedicated to the celebration of Singapore’s fiftieth Birthday. This vibrant celebratory event was a nostalgic reminiscence of Singapore’s history, heritage and culture from the kampong life of 1960’s to the present day modern global Singapore.

An authentic showcase of vernacular Singapore which attracted more than 1000 participants, the range of activities from fashion to food to kampong games, portraits, films and frames was a re-enactment of values and memories cherished by Singaporeans – a return to our roots, a carnival of diversity and a resurrection of the Spirit of Singapore: the ‘Gotong Royong’ spirit!

Corporate Training

Globalisation has made it increasingly necessary for people to be more receptive to the prospects of working outside Singapore as well as working across cultures and other nationalities.

Given the need to increase awareness, deepen understanding, hone competencies and skills necessary for people to function more effectively in multi-cultural contexts, Temasek Polytechnic has set up the Centre for TransCultural Studies (CTS).

The Centre for TransCultural Studies offers a range of programmes and experiences for industry executives for industry executives to be culturally competent and globally savvy to enhance their employability in an increasingly globalised workplace.

In addition to offering programmes to students, the Centre for TransCultural Studies offers a range of executive training programmes tailored to the industry.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Country Specific Briefings and Preparation for Overseas Assignments
  • Managing a Culturally Diverse Workplace
  • Transnational Leadership
  • Global Project Management

We offer half-day, one- or two-day programmes, and customised programmes.

For corporate training, please contact us at

Our Partners

The Centre for TransCultural Studies works with reputable international and local partners to stay in tune and up to date with the latest trends and research in the field.

We have strong collaboration with international partners such as Trompenaars Hampden-Turner, Beth Fisher-Yoshida (Columbia University), and Robert Moran (Thunderbird School of Global Management).

About The Trainers

We have a team of diverse international staff with extensive professional qualifications. They have worked and lived in many countries, bringing rich and unique transcultural expertise to the Centre for TransCultural Studies.

Our executive trainers have worked with international organisations and clients. We are able to customize programmes to individual organisational requirements.

Corporate Clients

SCOOT- the new budget airline

2 runs of taster sessions on “Appreciating Cultural Diversity” were organised for SCOOT, the new budget airline under SIA, in March 2012, as part of their Service Training prior to ‘take-off’.

EDB Singapore

A one-day workshop, “Developing Intercultural Awareness”, was conducted by Dr Fons Trompenaars for EDB Singapore and co-facilitated by CTS trainers in March 2012. Around 40 participants attended this workshop which was very well received.

Science Centre Singapore

9 runs of customised one-day workshop called “Service Excellence with the TransCultural Handshake”, a term coined by CTS based on Professor Beth Fisher’s model of the 5 Paradoxes of Transnational Leadership, were conducted at an unusual venue: The Philatelic Museum between January and February 2012 for Science Centre Singapore.

Gardens By The Bay

3 runs, each comprising a customised 2-day workshop labelled “Sow the Seed”, were conducted in the area of Service Excellence and Cross Cultural Awareness. The dates spanned from September 2011 to February 2012.

Atlas Sound & Vision Pte Ltd

A 2-day workshop was conducted in Cross-cultural Competency and Dilemma Reconciliation for Atlas Sound & Vision Pte Ltd. in November 2011 for senior and middle management members of Atlas Sound & Vision.

Participants from the Executive Training conducted for Atlas Sound & Vision enjoying a Cross-Cultural Leadership activity.

Training for Teachers from Yingtan, China

CTS held a 2-day workshop in August 2011 to introduce 15 English teachers from Yingtan, China to an intercultural model for understanding cultural diversity and provide strategies for avoiding cross cultural miscommunication. The content covered key theories on cross cultural communication as well as an introduction to a model for understanding cultural diversity and how it affects communication styles. The participants enjoyed the lessons and the skills are useful for them to understand cultural differences and learn to work with people from different nationalities.

Training for Teachers from Yingtan, China