Applied Nutrition

Bringing you one step closer to a healthier lifestyle

Our integrated team of experts provides support and offers consultancy services in areas of applied nutrition and functional food. Glycemic Index Research Unit (GIRU) is the first accredited GI testing facility in the region, and has been at the forefront of GI testing & research in Singapore.

Our Services

We specialise in human research studies to determine and validate the health promoting benefits of food and complementary health products. We also provide consultancy on regulatory requirements and guidance on the ethics approval process.

Glycemic Index Testing & Research

  • Glycemic Index & Glycemic Response
  • Insulinemic Index & Insulinemic Response
  • Glycemic Load
  • In-vitro GI testing (rapid method)
  • Available carbohydrate analysis
  • Development of low GI meals

Sports Nutrition

  • Pre- & Post- exercise meal planning
  • Hydration studies
  • Sports performance studies
  • Sports recovery nutrition
  • Exercise physiology measurements

Clinical and Community Nutrition

  • Nutrition assessment and intervention
  • Efficacy studies, Dose-response
  • Bioavailability studies
  • Diet counselling
  • Customised nutrition workshops

Our Facilities

  • SINGLAS-Accredited GI Testing Facility
  • Sports Physiology Facility
  • Nutrition Assessment Laboratory
  • Clinical Testing Laboratory
  • Diet Counselling Centre
  • Metabolic Kitchen