Biologics, Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Technology

Optimising your products through innovative formulations

We provide tailored product innovation to enhance the performance and the shelf life of your product, through differentiating formulations and drug delivery modes. We offer guidance in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and related matters, to assure quality and consistency of your products.

Our Services

Formulation Research & Development

  • Develop formulation and final dosage forms for various complementary health products
  • Perform pilot scale manufacturing of dosage forms using a wide range of processing equipment such as wet and dry granulators, tablet presses and encapsulation machines

Quality Assurance

  • Perform statistical process control analysis
  • Perform internal QMS and GMP audits
  • Provide process, cleaning and other validations
  • Provide annual product review reports and GMP documentation

Our Technical Experts

  • Formulation Scientists
  • Pharmacists
  • Quality Engineers
  • Process Engineers

Our Clients

  • CHP Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Nutraceutical Companies