Centres of Excellence

A key cornerstone of TP's educational philosophy is preparing students to be industry relevant. Our facilities on campus are developed to simulate up-to-date industry operations and some take the form of Centres of Excellence that are developed in collaboration with industry. Besides giving our students the opportunity for hands-on learning, these facilities also enable us to provide consultancy services and collaborate on joint projects with our industry partners.

School of Applied Science


School of Business

School of Design

School of Engineering

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences has three Centres of Excellence that provide applied research and consultancy:


School of Informatics & IT

  • Agile IT Solutions Centre

This Centre is a Learning Enterprise where staff, students and industry engage in providing solutions to real-life business and organisational challenges by developing solutions using Agile methodologies and design thinking. The use of Agile methodologies help improve productivity in developing IT solutions, demonstrating in the process a keen sensitivity and responsiveness to user needs.

  • Innovation & Research Centre

This Centre is a Learning Enterprise for staff, students and industry to work together on translational research and innovation projects. It will host and enable participants to pursue applied industry research and participate in programmes that will help commercialise their innovations. The Centre’s goal is to support participation in Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) projects to nurture innovative scientists, IT engineers and competent IT professionals, through funded projects.

  • TP-Nvidia AI Technology Centre (TP-NVAITC)

P-Nvidia AI Technology Centre (TP-NVAITC) facilitates engagement on industry projects using Deep/Machine Learning and AI technologies, and Nvidia’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) platform. This is the only centre that Nvidia has set up at a polytechnic in Singapore.

  • TP-Pivotal Agile Cloud Digital Centre 

The TP-Pivotal Agile Cloud Digital Centre (TPAC) enables the practice of industry-recognised cloud platform software development processes. The Centre provides an environment to deep dive into DevOps with pair programming and test-driven development methodology.

  • TP-Thomson Reuters Financial Risk Management Centre

Established in collaboration with Thomson Reuters and equipped with its financial software, and premium financial information terminals, this Centre provides students with the unique opportunity to learn in a live financial market environment that familiarises them with investment banking and risk management operations. 

AI & Analytics Hub

This Hub comprises the following facilities dedicated to nurturing competent professionals in the areas of AI & Analytics: 

  • TP-Pivotal Data Science Academy

At this academy located in the School of Informatics & IT, students studying subjects in Big Data and Business Analytics will take modules that support their coursework and lead to professional certifications. Students taking part-time courses would also benefit from modules offered by this academy.

  • TP-SAS Business Intelligence & Analytics Centre

Established in collaboration with SAS Institute, this Centre provides the latest infrastructure, facilities, software, and datasets to facilitate learning of comprehensive business intelligence and analytics skill sets in a data-rich environment. This Centre is capable of supporting the end-to-end business analytics life cycle, and focuses on areas such as business intelligence, data mining, social media analytics and predictive analytics. It also promotes industry collaboration and capability building by enabling students and staff to undertake relevant industry projects, and conduct applied research and development in advanced analytics.

At this Hub, the School works on a wide range of projects in the area of Artificial Intelligence in close collaboration with industry partners to build strong competencies among staff and students in the field of AI in order to build AI talent.

Serious Games Hub

This Hub comprises the following facilities dedicated to nurturing competent game designers & developers: 

Select-Start Studios

These Studios provide an environment, which supports the development of digital games for education, business, human resource training, entertainment and a host of other purposes. It provides students with a real world learning environment and experience at each crucial stage of the game development process. Within the Studios, students will have spaces for game design and game development. 

Ui/Ux Future Lab

Students at the Ui (user interface) and Ux (user experience) labs will learn about human computer interaction and engage in testing out their applications. Beyond evaluating current user interfaces and user experiences the Ui/ Ux Future Lab is also equipped to work on new forms of interactions for future devices and applications. The labs have the latest equipment such as a state-of-the-art eye tracker system for evaluations. The results of the evaluations help students refine their interface and improve the overall user experience.

Game Certification Centre

At the Game Certification Centre, we validate the skills and professional development for the game industry. This gamification centre provides certification for game technologies related to the industry. Such technologies include the latest game engines and industry recognised certifications, such as the Autodesk Professional certifications. We are currently the only polytechnic, which provides Autodesk Professional certifications for the media and entertainment industry. 

IT Security & Forensics Hub

This Hub comprises the following facilities dedicated to nurturing competent cybersecurity & digital forensics professionals: 

  • Temasek Advanced Learning, Nurturing and Testing Laboratory(TALENT Lab)

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Temasek Polytechnic have jointly collaborated to set up the Temasek Advanced Learning, Nurturing and Testing Laboratory (TALENT Lab) to groom cybersecurity and forensics professionals. The TALENT Lab provides a conducive and realistic environment for students to practice their ‘defend and protect’ skillsets through near real-life cybersecurity scenario simulations. Students also learn how to design and validate their innovations in dealing with the latest cyber-threats. This practical approach prepares students well for future careers in cyber security and digital forensics. 

  •  Malware Analysis Lab

At the Malware Analysis Lab, students use industry technologies to inspect the functionality and origin of the malware, whether they are malicious in nature and will cause harm to notebooks, servers and systems. At this facility, students would also be able to perform code reverse engineering, behaviour, static and automatic analysis, before removing the malware.

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Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre
02 - 03 Oct 19

CET Master Series Symposium 2019

Singapore Suntec Convention Centre
03 Oct 19