Educational Research

The Learning Academy aims to nurture a culture of research at TP, by supporting staff in educational research and by discussing contemporary issues in higher education. It is hoped that staff’s capability in educational research would be enhanced by promoting sound educational research methodology and practices.

LA also helps to provide information on educational research developments, as well as promotes effective use of research evidence to inform curriculum and learning-teaching practices. Staff are also encouraged to undertake educational research through formal staff development programmes or projects.

In terms of funded educational research, three TP projects have been successful in their application for the Ministry of Education’s Tertiary Education Fund (TRF). The fund aims to empower educators to improve teaching and learning practices based on research and data. The funded research projects are:

  • Student self-assessment: an empirically grounded framework and its impact on self-regulation (Principal Investigator from School of Applied Science)
  • Gamification of e-learning to enhance student engagement in e-learning modules (Principal Investigator from School of Informatics & IT).
  • Integrated laboratory and tutorial: Spatial and temporal convergence of tutorial concepts in laboratory activities and the effect on Chemistry competencies and lesson experiences (Principal Investigator from School of Applied Science)


LA staff publications and conference presentations

Staff from the Learning Academy regularly share their research through conference presentations and publications. The research projects focus on different areas related to pedagogy which include collaboration, dialogue, peer teaching, self-directed learning, facilitation, constructivism, holistic education and formative assessment.

Learning-teaching strategies such as e-learning and problem-based learning have also been the focus of many of these research projects. As the research sites are located within TP, practices and initiatives at TP for initial teacher education such as the mentoring scheme and the PBL Foundation Programme also form part of the context.


Master of Education theses

As part of the effort to enhance staff capability, TP has collaborated with the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, for the Master of Education programme for selected TP staff.

The thesis topics submitted by staff who have completed the Master of Education programme include: problem-based learning; student induction initiatives; discourse analysis; the values of Internet-based learning environment; the use of e-learning to learn computer programming; traits and attitudes of digital natives, peer learning and teaching, block teaching and staff perceptions of professional development.



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