Full-time Staff

The Learning Academy staff are experienced teachers and adult educators who have professional qualifications and years of work experience in fields such as accountancy, business, design, education, information technology, law and linguistics. This combination of expertise and knowledge makes them uniquely suited to help polytechnic lecturers translate their own industry knowledge into quality learning-teaching.

The LA staff are committed to enhancing student learning through staff development programmes and initiatives. They come alongside lecturers in their work, supporting, assisting and providing pedagogical insights and advice as needed. Initiatives to strengthen TP’s pedagogical practices, such as taskforces, award schemes, curriculum review projects, mentoring and research projects, are also facilitated by the Academy’s team of full-time staff.

LA Management

Dr Moira Lee Gek Choo
Director, Learning Academy
Qualifications: BTh, MRE, PhD, SFSEDA
Areas of Research Interests: Adult and collaborative learning, qualitative research, research methods and teacher mentoring
6780 5333 / 6780 5971

Ms Kathryn Goh Hoon Bee
Deputy Director/Learning Academy
Head/Centre for Practice-Based and Skills Education
Qualifications: Chartered Accountant, MBA, MEd
Areas of Research Interests: Learning and teaching approaches, adult learning, curriculum and student learning
6780 5040

Mr Woo Boon Seong
Deputy Director/Learning Academy
Head/Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning
Qualifications: MInfEnv, BSc (Hons)
Areas of Research Interests: Learning-teaching strategies and technology-enhanced learning
6780 6472

Ms Keng Wan Ling
Senior Manager/Pedagogy & PBL
Qualifications: LLB, MEd
Areas of Research Interests: Professional staff development, assessment and curriculum design
6780 5194

Mr Chee Wing Hong, Jonathan
Senior Manager/Centre for Practice-Based and Skills Education
Senior Manager/Administration 
Qualifications: MSc(IT), MEd, PGDE(Sec), BSc, SCJP
Areas of Research Interests: Problem-based learning, pedagogical practices in technology-mediated environments and motivation
6780 6130

Mrs Pratima Majal 
Manager/Centre for Technology- Enhanced Education 
Qualifications: M.A, B.Com, LLB
Areas of Research Interests: Technology-enhanced Learning, Flipped Classroom approach, ePortfolios and Instructional Design
6780 5224

LA Associates

LA Associates are lecturers from the various Schools and Academic Centres in TP who work in partnership with the Learning Academy. Based on the needs of the respective Schools/Centres, they contextualise LA’s professional development programmes and initiatives and help to facilitate the sharing of effective educational practices. Other areas of involvement may include facilitating selected programmes or conducting educational research.

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