In the area of learning and teaching, the Learning Academy offers programmes in curriculum development, learning-teaching approaches and assessment.

A wide range of pedagogical programmes are offered and they include:







As one of TP’s key pedagogies, e-learning permeates all aspects of learning and teaching. It may take the form of wholly e-learning sessions, blended learning or flipped classrooms.

TP’s e3 framework leverages on the use of digital technologies that not only provides learning on demand, anytime and anywhere, but also many opportunities for collaborative learning beyond the classroom. TP’s aim in expanding online learning opportunities for students is to develop in them a spirit of lifelong learning.

In the area of e-learning, the Learning Academy aims to enhance the skills of academic staff to integrate information and communication technology into learning and teaching contexts.

LA provides professional development for staff using the Learning Management System in TP, develops e-learning materials in collaboration with staff, and encourages best practices in e-learning and interactive digital media.


The Learning Academy facilitates the development of leadership in TP through induction, continuing professional development and other programmes. New appointment holders are invited to attend the Leadership (LEAD) Induction Programme.

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