Beyond our core business of conducting full-time courses for students, Temasek Polytechnic (TP) is also committed to the practical re-skilling and professional development of adult learners. We believe in helping individuals and organisations equip themselves with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of a dynamic economy.

TP's Temasek SkillsFuture Academy (TSA) offers a wide range of courses and executive training programmes. It has the expertise to recommend, design and conduct courses, seminars and workshops tailored to meet the specific needs of organisations. Courses are offered in diverse areas such as business, design, engineering, hospitality and tourism management, IT and info-communications, life sciences, para-legal studies, security and safety management, and supply chain management.


Diploma & Post-Diploma Courses

Manpower Development Programme

Contact Us

Temasek SkillsFuture Academy

21 Tampines Avenue 1, South Wing Block 26B
Level 1, Unit 49, Singapore 529757
6788 1212

Operating hours

8:30am to 7:00pm (Mon to Fri).
Closed on Sat, Sun & Public Holidays.

Discounts & Funding

There are various discounts & subsidies available for individuals and organisations to encourage skills upgrading.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Scheme

Students who need financial assistance may apply for the following schemes: 

Scheme Quantum Criteria Types of Programme Application
MOE Bursary

Award Quantum 
per Semester

(For PCI ≤ $1,725 OR GHI ≤ $6,900)


(PCI $1,726 to $2,250 OR GHI $6,901 to $9,000)


Note: *Per Capita Income (PCI) = Gross Household Income**/ Number of family members^

**Gross household income (GHI) = Total gross monthly income of ALL family members
^ Family members living together in the same household, as reflected on the NRIC.
This includes immediate family members who may or may not live with applicant.
Immediate family of unmarried applicant: Parents. Immediate family of married/divorced/separated applicant: spouse and all children


  • Singapore citizens receiving government subsidies for their full qualification part-time diploma courses
  • May concurrently hold additional bursaries offered by TP or other organizations
  • May concurrently hold partial scholarships (full scholarship holders are not eligible)
  • Students who are pursuing Earn-and-Learn Programmes, modular courses, Specialist Diploma courses, or repeating their modules are not eligible.
  • Gross household income < $9,000 or Per Capita Income < $2,250.


MOE-funded CET Diplomas

Applicant to submit online application and upload supporting documents via CET Student Portal (under Other Services) with your student login.

If you encounter problems in accessing the student portal, please contact ITSM at helpdesk@tp.edu.sg or 6780 5933.

For enquiries on bursaries, please contact bursary@tp.edu.sg

Post-Secondary Education (PSEA) Scheme

Available Balance in PSEA account and up to the amount of tuition fee payable

  • Singapore Citizen
  • Student will need to top-up cash if their account balance is insufficient


Students may request to use the balance fund in their siblings’ (Singaporean) PSEA accounts

MOE-funded CET programmes To apply, please download the PSEA form and submit the hardcopy form to Temasek SkillsFuture Academy by the stipulated deadline.

For more information on the scheme, please visit MOE’s website

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