Identify This

Have you seen these items before? We are calling upon TP community to help us describe the following items in order to enrich its description. The information you provide can help to make these items more discoverable. We will regularly add more items such as photographs to this page, so, come back regularly!


To help us, simply quote the IE number of the item you will be describing and write to us at


ITAS Name Card Holder
What do you know about this name card holder? Tell us more.

TP Business Card Holder
What do you know about this business card holder? Tell us more.

Cork coaster
A coaster probably produced in the 1990s. What do you know about it?

A Goldlion necktie with the TP logo. Do you know when this necktie was produced and for what purposes? Do tell!

Laser pointer keychain
What do you know about the keychain? Tell us more.

Sheaffer pen
What do you know about this Sheaffer pen with Temasek Polytechnic engraved on it. Do tell!

Student Development and Alumni Division cap
We can only guess that this cap was produced between 1992- 2002. Do you know anything more about this cap? For example, for what occasion was it produced? Was it distributed to alumni only? Tell us!

Temasek Polytechnic : blue lanyard
This navy blue lanyard was given to all staff who joined the polytechnic in 2001. Well, that was as far back in time we can get eyewitnesses for. Tell us what you know about this lanyard.

Temasek Polytechnic : clear polyester lanyard
Here’s another a light blue polyester lanyard. Do you know when was it first issued? Was it the first lanyard given to staff?

Temasek Polytechnic corporate paper bag
Our research shows that this corporate paper bag first made its appearance between 2002 and 2009. But do you know the event(s) for which this bag was used? Keep your contributions coming in.

Temasek Polytechnic corporate paper bag
Another corporate paper bag whose year of production is not known. Do tell us.

Love TP : badge
Do you know anything about this Love TP badge?

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