More than just a diploma

In today’s competitive global economy, jobs are increasingly multi-disciplinary in nature as employers demand more productivity from their workers. To help meet this challenge, Temasek Polytechnic introduced a new initiative in 2008 for incoming freshmen specially designed to help you attain an additional certificate whilst you are pursuing your three-year diploma here with us. Together with your Temasek Polytechnic diploma specialisation, these subjects will equip you to handle projects of varying disciplines, giving you an edge over the competition when you graduate.

What is our programme about?

Our Diploma Plus Programme comprises a series of subjects which have been grouped in clusters according to their fields of study. Each subject cluster consists of four fundamental subjects in that given field. If you do well in the first semester of your freshman year and rank in the top 15% in your diploma course, you'll be able to obtain an additional certificate in a field outside of your diploma course of study by completing the four subjects in a specific subject cluster. The subject clusters are:

  • Certificate in TransCultural Studies (From April 2015 till April 2017 intake)
  • Certificate in Business Fundamentals (till April 2017 intake)
  • Certificate in Design Fundamentals (till April 2017 intake)
  • Certificate in Digital Literacies (till April 2017 intake)
  • Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (till April 2017 intake)
  • Certificate in Life Sciences Fundamentals (till April 2017 intake, except for ENG & HSS students)
  • Certificate in Management & Enterprise (till April 2016 intake) 
  • Certificate in Psychology Fundamentals (till April 2017 intake)

Students who had done well in their “O” level Chinese and English have an alternative pathway to the Diploma Plus Programme. They are eligible to sign up for:

  • Certificate in China Studies (till April 2017 intake)


Contact Us

Cluster Sch/Dept Contact Person
Business Fundamentals BUS

Teo Kee Boon | 6780 6274

Lou Terence | 6780 4108

TransCultural Studies CTS

Cedric Metrat-Depardon | 6780 6962

China Studies CTS

Chuah Soon Soon | 6780 4070


Jeremy Ong Qide | 6780 6978


Foo Chek Yang | 6780 5332

Tan Bing | 6780 5345

Innovation & Entrepreneurship I&ED

Freddy Teo | 6780 6972

Life Sciences Fundamentals ASc

Tan Lay Khee | 6780 6412


Siti Rohana Kasbol (ENG subjects) | 6780 6620

Psychology Fundamentals HSS

Laurinda Wee | 6780 4053