Assessments & Academic Progression

How you will be assessed?


How do you progress to Year 1 of the diploma course?

To progress to Year 1

  • You must pass all modules of the PFP
  • You must work consistently and put in your best effort during PFP

NB: You are not allowed to repeat PFP

The following will be in place to help you:

 Academic Support

  • Appropriate learning support will be provided to students who require additional help
  • Intervention measures will be implemented for those who are at risk

 Learning Experience

  • Facilities and resources to provide an applied learning and engaging curriculum
  • Opportunities to acquire good study habits as well as 21st century competencies


  • Important information will be disseminated through different communications platforms
  • Partnerships between parents/guardians and faculty will be established
  • Close monitoring and feedback throughout the semester of academic progress