TP Fundamental Subjects

Introduced in AY2018, the TP Fundamental Subjects (TPFun) will equip you with the skills to succeed in tomorrow's economy. The broad based nature of TPFun will ensure that every student acquires key soft skills such as leadership, critical thinking and effective communication, traits necessary to excel in the new age workforce. 

It also provides plenty of learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom. For starters, students will have an opportunity to broaden their horizons as they embark on overseas learning journeys and projects. 

Subjects offered under TPFun are: 

  • Leadership: Essential Attributes & Practice (LEAP)
  • Education & Career Guidance
  • Innovative Entrepreneurship
  • Current Issues & Critical Thinking
  • Global Studies
  • Guided Learning
  • Sports & Wellness
  • Communication Skills


*Students enrolled before AY2018 and taking Cross Disciplinary Subjects (CDS) can view the subject listings here.