Course Fees

  • Please refer to individual course pages for course fee information.
  • Student Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance applicable to Part-time Diploma, Post Diploma and Skills-Based Modular Course (stackable) students.
    • Student GPA Insurance is compulsory and non-refundable
    • SkillsFuture Credits cannot be utilised to pay for Student GPA insurance

Payment of Fees

  1. Paying viaAXS (applicable to individuals only)
    1. By ATM/Debit card at any AXS station. Here are the locations of AXS stations;
    2. By eNETS/Debit/Credit Card over the internet via AXS e-station
    3. By eNETS/Debit/Credit Card using your mobile device with AXS m-station app.
      Receipt issued by AXS serves as the official receipt.

  2. Paying viaPost-SecondaryEducationAccount(PSEA)

    More details here.

  3. Paying by Electronic Payment (applicable to companies only)

    For electronic payment, our bank details are as follows:
    Bank: DBS Bank Ltd, Tampines One Branch 
    Bank/Branch Codes : 7171-029 (Swift Code: DBSSSGSG) 
    Account Number: 029-012706-9
    Account Name: Temasek Polytechnic 

    Please quote our invoice number when making payment and send us the remittance advice via email to

  4. Paying by SkillsFuture Credit
    Refer to below user guide on how to use your SkillsFuture Credit to pay for or offset the course fees:
    Please click here for the correct course code and course title. Please be reminded to deduct the GPA insurance fee of $1.61 from the total course fee as SkillsFuture Credit cannot be utilised to pay for the insurance fee. Individuals are allowed to make claims up to 60 days before the start of the course till the day of course commencement.
    After the SkillsFuture Credit claim is approved, please drop an email to your programme officer or with the following information:

    1. Full Name
    2. Admission number
    3. Screenshot of the approved claim – the following information should be visible:
      • Claim ID
      • Course Title
      • Training Provider
      • Claim Amount


Discounts & Funding

There are various discounts & subsidies available for individuals and organisations to encourage skills upgrading.

Financial Assistance

Students who need financial assistance may apply for the following schemes: 

Scheme Quantum Criteria Types of Programme Application
MOE Bursary

Award Quantum 
per  Modular Certificate

(For PCI<=$1,725 OR GHI<=$6,900 )


(For PCI between $1,726 to $2,250 OR GHI between $6,901 to $$9,000)


Note:* Per Capita Income (PCI) = Total Gross Monthly Household Income of all family members ÷ No. of Family Members in the Household

*Gross Household Income (GHI) = Total gross monthly income of ALL family members living together in the same household, as reflected on the NRIC. This includes immediate family members who may or may not live with applicant. Immediate family of unmarried applicant: Parents. Immediate family of married/divorced/separated applicant: spouse and all children

  • Singapore Citizen
  • Subsidised part-time students pursuing their first CET diploma course in the polytechnic (not including repeat students for the Semester/Module)
  • Not receiving other scholarships / bursaries in AY2018/19. However, students who are awarded scholarships/bursaries/study awards, which are meant to cover tuition fees only, can concurrently hold the MOE Bursary
  • Gross monthly household per capita income (PCI)* ≤ $2,250 OR gross household income (GHI)* ≤ $9,000 


MOE-funded CET Diplomas
  1. Login to Student Portal with your student ID
  2. Submit your application online with the required supporting documents through Student Portal -> Other Services -> Online Services -> Bursary Application
  3. Hardcopy submission will not be entertained.
  4. Applicants will be notified on their application outcome by email.
  5. For any enquiries, email
Post-Secondary Education (PSEA) Scheme

Available Balance in PSEA account and up to the amount of tuition fee payable

  • Singapore Citizen
  • Student will need to top-up cash should their account balance is insufficient


Students may request to use the balance fund in their siblings’ (Singaporean) PSEA accounts

MOE-funded CET programmes To apply, please download the PSEA Ad Hoc Application form and submit the completed application form together with reply slip enclosed in the admission package to TP by the stipulated deadline.

For more information on the scheme, please visit MOE’s website