The University Preparatory Programme (UPP) aims to help polytechnic graduates or current students to strengthen their foundation in Mathematics and the Sciences, so as to prepare them for university.

 Who should attend?

This UPP is ideal for TP current students or graduates who intend to pursue higher education at university, especially degree courses in Engineering, IT, or Applied Science.

 What are the modules?

The UPP consists of 3 modules:


UPP Foundation Mathematics is a pre-requisite module to the UPP Mathematics for polytechnic graduates/students without prior Calculus or Engineering Mathematics knowledge. In particular, this module is useful for graduates/students from the School of IIT, HSS, DES, BUS, and ASC (except Diploma in Chemical Engineering). It also serves as a refresher course for graduates from the School of Engineering who need to revise their Mathematics skill at polytechnic level before they start the UPP Mathematics module.