The New Normal

The covid pandemic has caused a rise in concerns of hygiene, making us ask ourselves, “Is this surface truly clean?” Shared spaces such as public transportation have very high human traffic and yet, design for hygiene in such spaces are overlooked. AEGIS is a smart family of materials that aid as visual indicators of surface hygiene. The colour changing and anti-viral properties of AEGIS help to maintain hygiene in public as well as increase hygiene awareness and assurance. This project aims to serve an endemic future where there is a need for identifying clean hygienic surfaces.

Diploma in
Product & Industrial Design

Lee You Jie, Lukas

Lukas is a passionate designer and a creative problem solver who finds joy in what he does. He is greatly inspired by the beauty of the flora and fauna in nature, finding solace in the outdoors. He believes that art and design bring meaning to people’s lives, making this world a better place. Throughout his years studying Design, he strives to acquire new skill sets and hone existing ones to adapt and keep up with the future of design.

Key Skills

Industrial Design
Visual Design
Design Thinking