Sustainable Living

Design Award
2022 Finalist

RUEL is a hand-held compression molding device that repurposes fishing lines into recyclable lures. It aims to reduce littering of fishing lines and gear by making the recycling process easy, fun, and creative.

Diploma in
Product & Industrial Design

Cheryl Yong Songqi

Cheryl Yong is a multi-disciplinary designer who aims to meld art with design. Greatly inspired by the emotions evoked through art, she is passionate about creating designs that evoke similar emotions, while remaining functional and useful. She believes that art and design should not be exclusive to each other, instead working together to achieve better products. Through her years of studying design, she has picked up many skills, including thinking in a broader and deeper way that achieves better understanding for design. She strives to improve existing skill sets, and pick up new ones, with a goal of creating better solutions to today's problems.

Key Skills

Visual Design
Ideation & Concept Development
Design Thinking