Hannah Emilia Rustam Effendy

Diploma in Medical Biotechnology

My EAE Advice

"You can prepare for EAE by attending webinars and workshops to align your skills and knowledge with the TP diploma course(s) you intend to apply for."

Tomorrow’s healthcare hero

Hannah's frequent hospital visits to keep her grandmother company sparked her early interest in the healthcare sector. With encouragement from her secondary school teachers, she decided to pursue her passion and successfully applied to join TP's Diploma in Medical Biotechnology via EAE.
At TP, Hannah embarked on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. She embraced the challenges of weekly laboratory sessions, forging lasting bonds with classmates who became lifelong friends. She also seized every opportunity that came her way, including attending prestigious cardiac conferences and participating in various scientific competitions.
Hannah also secured an internship at Farrer Park Hospital, which gave her invaluable first-hand experience in a clinical setting and further deepened her understanding of healthcare practices.
As President of the Applied Science Studies Club, Hannah organised events such as the ASCares Community Service Project. She also volunteered to teach primary school students in Cambodia. These experiences exposed her to different cultures and polished her leadership skills.
Hannah aims to contribute to research endeavours that enhance the healthcare field and aspires to be a frontline allied health professional, caring for and supporting her patients.

Why TP rocks

“I've formed incredible friendships and have supportive lecturers who guided and encouraged me to reach my full potential.”

Karan Dev Singh Johl

Diploma in Accountancy & Finance

My EAE Advice

"Don't wait till the last minute. Prepare early for EAE and be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge and passion for the course during your interview."

Tomorrow's financial expert

Back in secondary school, Karan's favourite subject was Principles of Accountancy. The subject fuelled Karan's desire to pursue a career in the accounting and finance industry.

During his TP Open House visit, Karen learned about TP's Diploma in Accountancy & Finance. Enticed by the unique opportunity to take up this dual-subject combination, Karan set his sights on securing his spot in TP through EAE!

In TP, a significant moment in Karan's academic journey was participating in the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023. There, he delved into the complexities of international finance and interviewed representatives from various countries. He enjoyed this experience, which further deepened his passion for the sector and fuelled his ambitions for the future.

In addition to his studies, Karan excelled in his extracurricular activities. He demonstrated leadership and teamwork skills as a class representative and TP smart instructor.

Looking ahead, Karan aspires to become a trusted finance expert for his clients, friends, and family.

Best food in TP

"The western food options at Flavours canteen. There's also nothing better than the experience of enjoying good food in the company of great friends."

Mahirah Firzanah Binte Sulaiman

Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design

My EAE Advice

"For design courses, it's important to showcase your passion! For example, share your insatiable curiosity and desire for new experiences, and how you derive inspiration from art, nature, and culture."

Tomorrow's inspiring architect

In secondary school, Mahirah thoroughly enjoyed her Design and Technology classes. She was also fascinated with tiny homes and miniature objects. So, it's no surprise that she naturally gravitated towards an architecture-related course.

Her proactive approach marked Mahirah's pursuit of her dreams. She actively sought to enhance her chances for a successful EAE application by participating in various workshops and aligning and honing her skills with her chosen TP course.

Mahirah's dedication to design isn't just a passion but a proven talent. Her outstanding academic achievements, which include being a two-time Director's List recipient, speak volumes about her commitment and hard work. Her exceptional creative talents were showcased at prestigious events like Arch Fest 2021, further solidifying her potential as a future architect.

Her TP journey has been a rich tapestry of experiences. A standout moment was her eye-opening trip to Bali, where she delved into bamboo architecture – an area of personal interest. From bamboo harvesting to architectural creations, Mahirah found the experience profoundly enlightening.

Mahirah's aspirations as an architect and designer extend beyond personal success. She envisions utilising architecture as a platform to celebrate cultural diversity and foster unity among the world's various communities.

Why TP rocks

"TP has a vibrant atmosphere thanks to its frequent events, performances, and academic activities. These make for unforgettable memories with friends and tutors."

Marc Thomas Gan Boon Kiat

Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering

My EAE Advice

"Map out how your passion and skills align with your chosen diploma course and prepare your responses to potential interview questions."

Tomorrow's innovative engineer

From a young age, Marc's fascination with numbers and scientific mysteries naturally led him towards engineering. Intrigued by the business aspect of this dynamic field, he set his sights on joining TP's Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering via EAE.

Marc's journey at TP was truly enriching. As a member of the Engine Student Ambassadors Group, he played a pivotal role in organising various school events, from the enlightening EAE Seminar to the exciting ENG Tech Show, making a significant impact on the TP community and fostering a sense of belonging among his peers.

One of the most remarkable experiences for Marc was the TP Engineering Scholarship Overseas Studies Trip to Korea. There, he had the unparalleled opportunity to delve into real-world industries, immersing himself in automation systems and operational marvels, opening up a world of possibilities for his future.

In addition to his studies, Marc also found immense joy in tutoring his juniors on the intricacies of Microsoft Excel and empowering others who share similar interests.

Marc envisions a future doing what he loves most – optimising processes and applying his arsenal of skills acquired at TP, from simulation techniques to data analysis. Marc, we believe in your potential!

Best TP hangout spot

"TP's 11-storey, air-conditioned library! There's a wide array of comfortable and inviting spaces perfect for either group study sessions or, if you prefer, quiet nooks that provide a quiet and conducive study environment."

Neo Xu An Frazer

Diploma in Psychology Studies

My EAE Advice

"Gather up your awards, CCA achievements, and leadership documents for your portfolio. Research the course(s) you're interested in and the academic routes they offer to be confident for the interview."

Tomorrow's trailblazing psychologist

A TV show featuring a mind-reading illusionist was the reason behind Frazer's early fascination with psychology. Although he knew that psychology does not involve mind reading, he became intrigued by its intricacies.

With TP being the sole polytechnic offering a comprehensive psychology-related diploma, which stood out for its practical approach and emphasis on real-world application, it was a natural choice for Frazer to pursue his passion and secure his spot through EAE!

In TP, Frazer's proactive nature led him to seek opportunities that pushed him out of his comfort zone. He delivered presentations to boost his confidence and public speaking skills, represented TP in numerous POL-ITE and IVP Ultimate Frisbee competitions, participated in an overseas trip for TP's Global Studies module, and co-organised a fundraising fair during TP's Campus Care Network (CCN) Day with his classmates, to name a few.

Driven by his ambition, Frazer is committed to exploring diverse psychology-related fields, applying his knowledge in practical settings, and making a significant and meaningful impact on the community.

Why TP rocks

“TP's diverse learning opportunities and rich hands-on experiences have equipped me with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the future.”

Bernice Tan Lin Fei

Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics

My EAE Advice

"Read about courses to gain the knowledge required. Be sure to express your genuine interest and highlight participation in relevant competitions during your interview."

Tomorrow's cybersecurity champ

Bernice's fascination with cybersecurity began during a secondary school holiday stint with Cyber Youth Singapore's Youth Cyber Exploration Program (YCEP).

The vibrant tapestry of opportunities at TP and an enticing array of potential industry internships sealed the deal for Bernice, and TP's Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics became her top EAE choice.

Drawing from her YCEP insights, which armed her with cybersecurity knowledge, Bernice crafted a masterful EAE write-up and confidently aced her interview.

Immersed in her chosen course, Bernice revelled in the hands-on experiences, particularly at the Malware Analysis Centre (MAC), where she and her peers dove deep into the intricate world of cybersecurity.

Out of the classroom, Bernice also represented TP in multiple archery competitions, earning a well-deserved CCA Merit Award in Sports. It's no wonder she counts it among her top TP experiences!

Beyond her sports and academic endeavours, Bernice enjoys organising events for her schoolmates as a main committee member of the Informatics & IT Studies Club. Seeing her peers enjoy the events she plans has been a very fulfilling experience. Through the wide range of CCAs and leadership opportunities in TP, Bernice discovered and honed her leadership skills.

The cybersecurity realm awaits your brilliance, Bernice – so keep on shining!

Best TP hangout spot

"The Garden Fiesta! Nothing beats catching the sunset with friends after a long day."