600-character EAE Write-up Samples from TP School of:

Science has captivated me since childhood. I eagerly anticipate lab sessions and delve into science magazines during my free time in school. As the outreach head of my secondary school's STEM Club, I organise activities to ignite students' interest in STEM's various fields. Dreaming of a career in life sciences or healthcare, I aim to pursue a STEM-related diploma. TP's Common Science Programme caught my eye during the Open House, offering a gateway to explore diverse applied science diplomas before honing my specialisation.

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From a young age, I dreamed of running my own business. In secondary 3, I spearheaded a team to run a fundraiser for needy students. We sourced affordable jeans, adorned them with designs and crafted a marketing strategy. The venture opened my eyes to the importance of merchandising, accounting, and leveraging social media to raise awareness. Through my part-time work at Starbucks, I learnt the value of proper business planning. I aspire to refine my skills in business operations, aiming for a role in a prominent retail corporation before embarking on my entrepreneurial journey.

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Thanks to my teachers' guidance and my strengths in the Art and D&T subjects, I realised my future lies with this TP design diploma. I love gaining new knowledge, especially through hands-on activities. I always pour my heart and soul into everything I do, enjoy discovering new art styles and aim to impress my teachers with unique and special designs. This course is a stepping stone to help me achieve my career goals in design and my opportunity to experience the spirit of innovation and resourcefulness first-hand.

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Since I was young, it's clear that my passion is in aviation. My activities, such as collecting aircraft models, experiencing cockpit visits, coding flight simulators and attending events like the Aviation History Tour and Singapore Air Show, have only fuelled my interest. I also honed my mechanical and aerospace skills through various robotics and engineering pursuits. I'm excited to join this course, which will give me new hands-on experiences, certifications, and a comprehensive understanding of aircraft principles, maths, and physics to achieve my aerospace dream.

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I am empowered through positive communication and impactful actions that help brighten people's day. TP's psychology course resonates with my lifelong aspiration to improve the lives of others and fulfil my dream of helping them achieve a brighter future. I vividly recall my first encounter with social workers during a course discovery programme in secondary 4. Their selflessness and altruism inspired me to follow in their footsteps, and I believe TP will help me grow into the person I strive to be.

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My interest in cybersecurity and digital forensics began when my father's Instagram account was hacked. I wanted to learn more about various cyber threats, like malware and phishing, how to track these activities, prevent them from happening and implement strategic solutions to protect the vulnerable from falling victim. TP's established course and comprehensive cybersecurity curriculum will give me the required skill sets, allowing me to pursue this passion through further studies and an eventual career in this field.

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