• engAGE Ageing Symposium 2019

    engAGE Ageing Symposium 2019

    08 Nov 2019 / 09:00am - 04:45pm / TP, Auditorium 3

    The theme for engAGE Ageing Symposium 2019 is “Cognition and Lifelong Learning”. The theme corresponds with current and rising trends in lifelong learning. The symposium aims to stimulate discourse on the pressing concern of cognitive health and the increasing significance of lifelong learning in the face of a rapidly ageing population.

  • Launch of the Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC)

    26 Jun 2019 / 09:00am - 12:00pm / Auditorium 1

    AIC is a consortium of institutions and agencies adopting an inclusive and integrated approach to fulfil the objectives of serving the needs of the local aquaculture industry through collaboration and co-operation, co-sharing of expertise and facilities.

  • Parental Guidance (PG) Seminar 2019

    Parental Guidance (PG) Seminar 2019

    08 Jun 2019 / 08:30am

  • Graduation 2019

    Graduation 2019

    03 May 2019 / All day / Temasek Convention Centre

  • Freshmen Orientation for School of Business

    10 Apr 2019 / 08:00am - 06:00pm / School of Business

    The two-day programme is designed to help better prepare freshmen for the semester starting on 15 April 2019.

    Freshmen will be immersed in an exciting series of activities aimed at orientating freshmen to the education offered by the School of Business.