Student Internship Programme

The objective of the Student Internship Programme (SIP) is to provide students with the opportunity to relate their academic learning in the course of study to a relevant work environment. This experience will facilitate their ability to adapt when joining the workforce in the future.

SIP is usually carried out with local host organizations in a relevant industry where students undertake various activities assigned and experience problem solving in practical, real-life situations.  Alternatively, SIP can be carried out overseas (OSIP) whereby students are given the opportunity to gain an international outlook while gaining practical experience and life skills in a real work environment overseas.

An SIP may be structured with a Major Project (MP).  Depending on the nature, SIP and MP tasks may be conducted concurrently or independently within the time of the SIP attachment. In general, the aims of the MP module are to foster students’ independent-learning, critical and creative thinking abilities as students have the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge and skills through self-managed projects.

Internship Period

The duration of the internship generally ranges between 16-26 weeks.

Please click here to view the internship duration and available period of the participating diplomas.  

The polytechnic begins to process the SIP applications as early as four months before the commencement of the respective SIP periods. This is to allow sufficient time for clarification, processing and allocation. The polytechnic encourages organisations to apply early to secure placements.

Application Form

We welcome you to be our partner-in-training, both in Singapore and/or overseas. You may submit your application through any of the following schools:

You may send your query here if you are not sure which school to engage.

For more information about our Student Internship Programme (SIP), please contact us at

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SIP Mentorship 

In line with the SkillsFuture movement, our Polytechnic encourages organizations to provide mentorship to our students. The role of this mentor is different from the day-to-day internship work supervision and guidance typically undertaken by an assigned supervisor. A mentor takes on a long term view to provide guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration to his/her student through sharing knowledge and experience relevant to work, career and/or professional development. 


If you would like to view the one-page infographic which provides a summary of the video, please click here.

Student Internship Programme FAQ

SIP Schedule

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Our Interns

Ng Kok Jin with his “colleagues” from Air India SATS Airport Services, India

Yeo Bo Jun with his other interns in KNCT, Japan

Hung Kee Kiat, manning an exhibition booth during his attachment to Tyco Security China

Edna Tan, at her workstation during her OSIP in Tyco Security China

Mhd Aidil B Abdul Wahid with other researchers in Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Vanessa Chua with other researchers in Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Ng Yan Qi whio is attached to Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai has to attend the Linen Folding training as well as assisting in the Cooking Demonstration

Lee Jenny, helping out in an event during her OSIP at Kitakyushu College of Technology,Japan

Irene Ng Hai Ting with her research team at the Translational Research Centre for Protein Function Control in Yonsei University, Korea

Mhd Aidil received the Letter of Commendation in Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

A typical day at work for Low Yu Qian who is attached to Grand Gaube, Mauritius

Overseas Student Internship Programme

As part of Singapore’s regionalisation drive, students from Temasek Polytechnic are encouraged to complete an Overseas Student Internship Programme (OSIP). OSIP is carried out in relevant industries where students undertake various activities assigned and experience problem solving in practical, real-life situations. Through the programme, students are able to gain an international outlook and global mindset, as well as practical experience and life skills in a real work environment.

We invite your organisation to be our partner-in-training. As an OSIP host organisation, the programme may offer the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to tap on students’ skills and knowledge;
  • Promote exchanges between your employees and students through cross-cultural perspectives and experiences;
  • Identify students as prospective employees among the students attached to your company; and
  • Contribute inputs for our curriculum to reflect the changing demands of your industry

For more information, please visit the Student Internship Programme (SIP), SIP FAQs, IE Singapore's Young Talent Programme-Market Immersion, Global Education Fund and International Relations.

You may send in your query through the online form here.