Message from Principal & CEO

Dear Graduand,

On behalf of everyone at Temasek Polytechnic (TP), I offer my heartiest congratulations to you on the successful completion of your studies.

Today marks a significant milestone in your education journey, and one that will open new doors to exciting prospects ahead. However, it is not an end point. The way we live and work will continue to change as technologies evolve. I urge you to keep learning to stay relevant and benefit from new opportunities that change always brings.

Graduation 2019 will see 5,549 students receive their diploma and post-diploma qualifications from TP. In these ceremonies, we applaud and celebrate your well-deserved success, as well as those who have stood by you throughout your education journey – your family, teachers, mentors and friends.

Remember that you will always be a part of the TP Family and you can stay in touch by joining the TP Graduates’ Association. Through it, you will be able to network with over 100,000 other TP alumni and be updated on the continuing education and professional development programmes that TP offers.

I wish you even more success and happiness in the coming years!

Peter Lam
Principal & Chief Executive Officer



Full-Time Students

Full-time students are required to report at least one hour prior to the ceremony for attendance marking and gowning. Latecomers will not be seated in the auditorium.

Part-Time Students

Completion of course in:

Registration Period:

Oct 2018

25 Mar (Mon) to 10 Apr (Wed) 2019

Apr 2019

29 Mar (Fri) to 10 Apr (Wed) 2019

Part-time students must register online during the above specified period to enable us to allocate a seat for you in the sequence that you will be presented on stage.

You are required to report at least one hour prior to the ceremony for attendance marking.

Graduation Attire


TP Graduation Attire for Class of 2019

All graduands participating in the ceremonies must wear the graduation attire. You may choose to either rent or purchase the graduation attire*.

Due to a change in design of the graduation attire, please do not rent/purchase attire produced before 2018.

Please contact the official graduation attire vendor for details on dress code and ordering of your graduation attire.

*If you are attending the ceremony in your military uniform, please note that the graduation attire should not be worn over it.

Outstanding Payments & Loans


Graduands are to settle all outstanding payments (for example, fees and fines) & loans of TP property (for example, library books, sports & other equipment) by 10 Apr 2019 (Wed).

Your diploma will be withheld until all outstanding amounts/loans have been settled.


As we have limited seating capacity in the auditorium, each graduand is only allowed to invite up to 2 guests to the Graduation Ceremony. Your guests will be seated separately from you as you will be seated in the sequence that you will be presented on stage.
MINDEF’s assistance has been sought for the release of full-time National Servicemen to attend the Graduation Ceremony, subject to exigencies of service & training schedules.
  • You may produce your graduand invitation letter & admission ticket as proof to MINDEF, if required.
You will not be receiving a separate certificate. However, a letter stating the Prizes and/or Awards that you are awarded will be sent to you before the Graduation Ceremony.

Type of enquiry

Full-time Students

Part-time Students

Diploma certificate

Graduation package, attendance

Graduation attire




Graduation Proceedings


  • Collared long sleeve shirt with tie
  • Dark-coloured pants
  • Business shoes with socks
  • Collared long sleeve dress/blouse
  • Formal pants/skirt (knee-length or longer)
  • Covered/dress shoes


  1. Matriculation card or NRIC
  2. Graduation attire


  1. Arrive at the Temasek Convention Centre (TCC) 1 hour before your ceremony.
    • Mark attendance at Level 2 and collect your registration card.
    • Your guests are to proceed to Level 3 to be seated.
  2. Put on your graduation attire before proceeding to Level 3.
    • Be seated 30 minutes before ceremony begins.
    • Latecomers will not be seated in the auditorium.


  1. Bring your registration card and pass it to the staff on stage.
  2. Standby on the marked position.
  3. When your name is read out, walk towards the presenter.
    • Stop at the marked position and shake hands with the presenter.
    • Avoid stunts and other inappropriate behavior on stage.
    • Do not take ‘selfies’ or ‘wefies’.
  4. Receive your diploma folder and smile for photo-taking by the official photographer.
  5. Follow the directional sign and proceed off-stage.
  6. Collect your serialised order form for purchase of stage photographs.


  1. Follow the directional signage to collect your certificate at the counter.
  2. Return to your seat in the auditorium.
  3. Refrain from leaving the auditorium until the ceremony ends.


  1. Join the reception outside the auditorium.
  2. Order your stage photographs at the photo booth at Level 2.
  3. Visit the alumni booth at Level 3 concourse or click here to register as a TP Alumnus member.

Guests of Graduands



  • Smart Casual


  • Directions
    Please note:
    • Parking is chargeable.
    • Traffic at the junction of Tampines Ave 1 / Tampines Ave 4 / Bedok Reservoir can be fairly congested during the morning peak hours.


  1. Present your ticket at the Temasek Convention Centre (TCC) Level 3 for admission.
    • Each ticket admits one guest only.
    • Graduands will be seated separately for stage presentation.
  2. Guests with mobility challenges are advised to arrive early.
  3. Children below the age of 7 are not permitted in the auditorium.


  1. Please be seated 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
    • Seating will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
    • Ushers will direct you to the seats reserved for you.
    • Latecomers will not be seated in the auditorium.
    • Please refrain from leaving the auditorium until the ceremony ends.
  2. Official photographers will capture the stage presentation of every graduand.
    • If you wish to take photographs/videos, please do so from your seat and avoid using flash.


  1. Please join the reception outside the auditorium.
  2. As there are several ceremonies each day, we seek your cooperation to leave TCC & free up your parking lot for guests of the next session.

Ceremony Time

Please leave TCC by:

9.30 am

12 pm

1.30 pm

4 pm

Getting to TP

Location Map

Temasek Convention Centre,
Temasek Polytechnic

21 Tampines Avenue 1
Singapore 529757

During the morning peak hours, the traffic at the junction of Tampines Ave 1 / Tampines Ave 4 / Bedok Reservoir can be fairly congested.

Location Map (PDF: 246KB)


  • Alight @ Tampines West MRT Station, walk 500m to campus
  • Alight @ Tampines MRT Station, and transfer to Bus 8, 23, 69 at the Tampines Bus Interchange or 129 at Tampines Concourse Bus Interchange
  • Alight @ Bedok MRT Station, and transfer to Bus 69 at the Bedok Bus Interchange

By Bus

These are the buses serving TP:

  • BUS 8 from Tampines Bus Interchange/Toa Payoh Bus Interchange
  • BUS 15 from Paris Ris Bus Interchange/Marine Parade Road
  • BUS 23 from Tampines Bus Interchange/Rochor MRT Station
  • BUS 69 from Tampines Bus Interchange/Bedok Bus Interchange
  • BUS 118 from Punggol Bus Interchange/Changi Business Park Bus Terminal
  • BUS 129 from Tampines Concourse Bus Interchange/St Michael's Bus Terminal
  • BUS 518 from Pasir Ris Bus Interchange/Bayfront Ave


  • Get off the expressway from Exit 4B into Tampines North Flyover
  • Go straight into Simei Avenue
  • Turn left into Tampines Avenue 1
  • Get off the expressway from Exit 8B (Bedok Reservoir)
  • Go straight into Bedok North Road and then into Tampines Avenue 10
  • Turn right into Tampines Ave 1
  • Turn into Xilin Avenue towards Simei Avenue
  • Turn left into Tampines Ave 1
  • Come out from Exit 5 into Tampines Ave 10
  • Turn left into Tampines Ave 1
Parking Charges
Motor Vehicles $0.02 per minute
Motorcycles 0700hrs to 2230hrs: $0.65 per parking session
2230hrs to 0700hrs: $0.65 per parking session
(For any parking session, per minute charging based on $0.20 per hour will apply subject to a maximum parking charge of $0.65)

There is a 15 minutes grace period for all vehicles.

Car park lots marked RED are designated for staff members only, while lots marked WHITE are for all motorists including staff, students, visitors and members of the public, etc. The limited numbers of YELLOW lots are strictly reserved for official guests only.

There will be security personnel on site to guide you to the designated parking area.