Information for Graduands

Ceremony Day


  1. Graduation Attire (Click here for dress code).
  2. Registration confirmation email which includes the QR code for check-in and your allocated seat sector.
  3. Physical/virtual matriculation card or NRIC, or Passport (for foreigner)



  1. Arrive 1 hour before the start of your ceremony at Temasek Convention Centre (TCC) Level 3 to register your attendance. Do notify us if special seating is needed due to mobility issues (e.g. wheelchair or walking aid).
  2. Before you join the queue,
    1. Put on your graduation attire and be properly dressed.
    2. Have your physical/virtual matriculation card or NRIC, or Passport (for foreigner) ready.
    3. Have your QR code ready for scanning.
  3. Join the queue according to your allocated seat sector.
  4. Collect your registration card which indicates your seat number.
  5. Use the restroom before entering the auditorium.
  6. Proceed to your assigned seat immediately. Graduands who are not seated by the start of the ceremony will not be allowed to go on stage for presentation.



  1. Present your registration card to the staff marshal when queuing.
  2. Scan your QR code on the card, confirm your name with the staff and do not switch positions with other graduands.
  3. You are encouraged to remove your mask.
  4. Collect your diploma folder from the table on stage.
  5. Pass your registration card to the staff on stage and stand at the marked position.
  6. When your name is called, walk towards the presenter and stop at the marked position to take photograph. (There will be no handshake)
  7. Avoid inappropriate behaviour on stage and do not take ‘selfies’ or ‘wefies’.
  8. Follow the directional signs and leave the stage.
  9. Collect your order slip to purchase your stage photographs online. There will be no sales of stage photographs at the ceremony venue.



  1. Follow the directional signs to collect your certificate.
  2. Check your name is correctly printed on the certificate.
  3. Return to your seat.
  4. Refrain from leaving the auditorium until the ceremony ends.



  1. Leave the auditorium after the emcee’s announcement. Do not linger, mingle or gather in groups outside the auditorium.
  2. Stay connected with TP and join our alumni community here!
  3. Proceed to the graduation photo wall located at the Plaza to take photograph with your family or guests.