Polytechnic-Level Awards

The Lee Kuan Yew Award

The Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science for polytechnics is awarded to the top technology or computer science graduates in each of the polytechnics. This Award is funded by an honorarium that the late founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew received from various speaking engagements and funds raised from a special edition of his memoirs. The Award was first presented at the 1993 Temasek Polytechnic graduation ceremony.


  • Tan Xian Xun
    Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science
  • Xian Xun's childhood visits to the doctor sparked a passion for pharmacy. Fascinated by the healing power of medicine and driven by a desire to make a difference, he pursued a diploma in Pharmaceutical Science at Temasek Polytechnic (TP).

    TP's vibrant curriculum ignited Xian Xun's enthusiasm. Through internships, he sharpened his patient interaction skills and gained insight into patients’ needs such as recognising the importance of simplifying medical information for seniors.

    Outside of academics, Xian Xun won a Medallion of Excellence at the WorldSkills Singapore 2023 Chemical Lab Technology competition. This experience not only honed his critical thinking skills but also solidified his meticulousness and adaptability in problem-solving.

    Xian Xun also demonstrated leadership as President of the Community Service Club. These experiences not only connected him with peers but also instilled in him the value of giving back to the community.

    With plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in pharmacy at the National University of Singapore, Xian Xun aims to revolutionise pharmacy services, prioritising personalisation and accessibility. He believes that empowering patients with knowledge is key to better health outcomes and strives to champion patient well-being.

  • Wong Xue En Cheyenne
    Diploma in Architectural Technology & Building Services
  • Cheyenne's journey to architectural technology is fuelled by her passion for creating purposeful spaces since her secondary school days.

    At Temasek Polytechnic (TP), she honed her skills by blending functionality and aesthetics in projects like redesigning a dementia care facility, where she infused cultural elements for a homier feel. Cheyenne, together with her group mates, designed a sustainable water feature that incorporated microalgae, a natural air purifier and food source, within a central pond at TP, showcasing a unique blend of functionality, and environmental responsibility.

    Her technical proficiency was recognised when she clinched a bronze medal in the WorldSkills Singapore 2023 Digital Construction competition, demonstrating her expertise in 3D modelling software and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

    At TP, Cheyenne thrived under supportive lecturers, earning accolades like the TP Engineering Scholarship, TP Director's List, and a Course Gold Medal. Beyond academics, she led the Architectural Technology & Building Services (ABS) Club and interned at an architectural firm. Underscoring her commitment to creating positive community impact, she organised events such as the Campus Care Network Day and East Coast Park Beach Clean Up. She also played a pivotal role in school outreach activities such as the TP Open House. Whether it's music or art, her diverse interests enrich her life and serve as wellsprings of inspiration for her designs.

    Inspired by Singapore's architectural challenges, Cheyenne aims to develop innovative solutions that maximise space and functionality and contribute to Singapore's architectural evolution.

  • Yoong Wai Kit
    Diploma in Computer Engineering
  • From a young age, Wai Kit’s love for tinkering with gadgets and building solutions led him to pursue computer engineering at Temasek Polytechnic (TP).

    Thriving in TP’s dynamic environment, he constantly pushed his limits. One particularly impactful project was a telehealth device that remotely monitors patients' vital signs in real time. This innovation could revolutionise healthcare by detecting heart and lung issues early.

    Beyond studies, Wai Kit gave back to the community, sharing his knowledge by tutoring peers, guiding students during Open House events, and volunteering at a local charity.

    His journey wasn't without challenges, like supporting his father through cancer treatment while managing his studies. But he persevered, showing resilience and determination.

    Currently awaiting National Service, Wai Kit continues to contribute to projects at TP Healthcare Engineering Centre as a contract staff while mentoring students. He has been offered a place to pursue a Computer Engineering degree at both the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, including a scholarship offer from the latter.

    Wai Kit aims to pioneer innovative solutions, including biodegradable electronics that address environmental concerns.

  • Nitish Thiyagarajan
    Diploma in Information Technology
  • Nitish discovered his passion for technology early on, inspired by his father’s adeptness in photography and video editing. Fuelled by a drive to solve problems through software development, he immersed himself in coding via YouTube tutorials, eager to translate ideas into reality.

    Building upon the skills acquired in Temasek Polytechnic's Diploma in Information Technology course, Nitish developed "Transito," a user-friendly bus timing app that prioritises speed and customisation.

    His creativity didn't stop there. From a word counter that eliminates citations to a GPA calculator with a humorous twist and a browser extension integrating artificial intelligence for crafting formal emails, he consistently found inventive solutions to everyday matters.

    As a leader in the Information Technology Student Interest Group, Nitish spearheaded the development of a resource website for freshmen, demonstrating his leadership and teamwork skills. His influence extended beyond design; he effectively guided the project's development, ensuring its functionality across platforms. His internship at GovTech further honed his abilities, providing invaluable hands-on experience with real-world projects.

    Beyond the digital realm, Nitish dedicated his time to social good, volunteering to repair laptops for low-income beneficiaries.

    Nitish aspires to pursue a degree in computer science, envisioning a career as a software developer motivated by his goal to simplify lives through technology.


The Lee Kong Chian Award

The Lee Kong Chian Award is awarded to top non-Science and Technology graduates. It is named after the prominent businessman and philanthropist Lee Kong Chian, who set up the Lee Foundation in 1952 to aid the advancement of education and help the poor, among others. The Lee Foundation has sponsored the Lee Kong Chian Award in honour of Mr Lee’s generous contributions to education and society.


  • Xavier Aw Yong Chen Yok
    Diploma in Law & Management
  • Xavier’s pursuit of the study of law is one of grit and resilience. A self-professed troublemaker in secondary school, Xavier hung out with the wrong crowd and neglected his studies. He would never have imagined that an internship with a local law firm in Secondary 3 would change the trajectory of his life. While the internship only lasted through his school holidays, it seeded in him a passion and interest to pursue law.

    This spurred Xavier to apply for early admission to Temasek Polytechnic (TP)’s Diploma in Law and Management. However, it was unsuccessful and would be the first of three failed attempts to apply for the law diploma.

    Undeterred and refusing to give up on his aspiration for the legal industry, Xavier submitted an appeal through the Direct Admission Exercise. Finally, he succeeded on his fourth try and was matriculated into TP’s Common Business Programme.

    Xavier cherished the opportunity and studied hard in the first year of Common Business Programme, and finally enrolled for the Diploma in Law and Management. Not forgetting his initial struggles, Xavier volunteered in his second year to share his experience of CBP with his juniors, offering them encouragement, and insights into the law diploma.

    Xavier demonstrated perseverance as he remained consistent in his coursework while balancing his internships and co-curricular activities. Xavier completed six law-related internships with three different organisations while maintaining a perfect GPA throughout. The internships exposed Xavier to the various facets of the legal industry and cases ranging from those involving drug offenders to youths-at-risk, sparking his interest to tackle the issue of drug consumption in Singapore.

    Beyond academic excellence, Xavier demonstrated his leadership abilities by serving as the president of the LEAD Ambassadors Interest Group. Inspired by his relationship with his grandparents, he spearheaded community activities for seniors in celebration of International Day of Older Persons.

  • Tan Dan Yui Joyce
    Diploma in Apparel Design & Merchandising
  • Joyce's fashion journey stemmed from a lifelong passion ignited by TV programmes during childhood like 'Project Runway' and 'Say Yes to The Dress'. Joyce pursued the polytechnic route through the Early Admission Exercise (EAE), fuelled by her deep-seated love for fashion. Enrolling in Temasek Polytechnic's School of Design Diploma in Apparel Design and Merchandising signified the commencement of Joyce’s journey.

    During her time at Temasek Polytechnic (TP), Joyce discovered immense joy in the design process, from ideation to execution. She fully immersed herself, particularly during photoshoots, meticulously coordinating every detail to craft captivating end products. Engaging in diverse projects and collaborations with peers from varying backgrounds enriched her experience and fostered meaningful connections.

    Within her TP community, Joyce found invaluable support within the Design Studies Club (DSC), where friendships evolved into pillars of strength amidst challenges. Leading the DSC as President and serving as Camp Commandant showcased her leadership prowess and dedication to community-building.

    Joyce's internship at GINLEE Studio deepened her industry insights and highlighted her creative flair. Beyond her studies, her passion for film photography and art exhibitions served as outlets for inspiration during tough times. Fuelled by her passion for collaboration, Joyce aspires to become a Creative Director, Joyce’s achievements are a testament to the power of unwaveringly pursuing one’s passion.

  • Woo Zi Yue
    Diploma in Psychology Studies
  • Having triumphed over her personal challenges, Zi Yue came to understand the importance of mental health, which ignited her interest in the field of psychology, leading her to pursue a diploma in Psychology Studies at Temasek Polytechnic (TP).

    Zi Yue’s interest in the field, coupled with TP’s dynamic and hands-on curriculum, allowed her to thrive during her academic journey, earning her a spot on the Director’s List throughout her studies between 2021 to 2024.

    Beyond coursework, Zi Yue also demonstrated her leadership abilities as an executive committee member of the Community Service Club. As an advocate for inclusion, she led and organised Project This Ability 2022, a befriending programme for adults with intellectual disabilities.

    In recognition of her contributions, Zi Yue was awarded the International Women’s Forum Education Grant for her academic excellence, community work, and empathy for the less fortunate, and the CCA Merit Award (Leadership) in 2023.

    Zi Yue’s internship as a research assistant with the Ministry of Social and Family Development honed her research skills and further solidified her interest in public policy. Having witnessed first-hand how research and data could guide and shape policy, Zi Yue believes that policymaking is a way for her to effect change and lend voice to the disadvantaged.

    Zi Yue plans to engage in public policy work with government and non-governmental organisations in future, to create positive societal impact.


Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal

In 1994, the Tay Eng Soon Scholarship Fund was established in memory of the late Senior Minister of State for Education, Dr Tay Eng Soon, who played a pivotal role in the development of polytechnic and technical education. From the fund, the Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal is awarded annually to outstanding graduates from each of the polytechnics, who graduated from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) prior to their studies at the polytechnic. The Medal was first presented at the 1995 Temasek Polytechnic graduation ceremony.


  • Matthew Francis Thanarajoo
    Diploma in Mechatronics
  • Matthew never thought that he would be so enamoured of mechatronics. After graduating from secondary school, Matthew had set his mind on being an accountant. However, he was quickly derailed from that goal when he did not qualify for the course. Instead, he ventured into mechatronics, learned the ins and outs of coding, automation, 3D printing and the like, and the rest was history.

    As President of the Engineering Makers Club, he oversaw community and school-wide initiatives. Matthew came in as a finalist at the WorldSkills Singapore last year, outperforming other students in Mechatronics. With that, he will advance to the prestigious international WorldSkills Competition in Lyon, France this year.

    A talented maker, Matthew produces his very own electronic creations in his free time, with his latest product being a remote-controlled hand dryer, boasting different speed settings to combat his issue of sweaty palms.

    Looking ahead, Matthew will be pursuing an electronic engineering degree at a local university. Admitting that he often lagged academically in secondary school, Matthew is glad to have developed his own way of learning over time. Armed with grit, Matthew aspires to start his own business and impart the future generation with the knowledge and passion of engineering.


CapitaLand Award for All-Round Excellence

The CapitaLand Award for All-Round Excellence gives commendation and recognition to graduates who excel in their studies and has outstanding co-curricular activities achievements and/or contributions in areas such as Arts, Sports, Community Service, Clubs etc. The Award is sponsored by CapitaLand Limited, one of Asia's largest real estate companies.


  • Rifat Hassan Bade
    Diploma in Business 
  • Rifat’s interest in the world of business began early, inspired by her parents' entrepreneurial spirit in running a home-based catering business. Witnessing their innovation and hard work sparked her interest in business operations, fuelling her ambition in entrepreneurship.

    Despite encountering academic hurdles in secondary school, Rifat's determination led her to Temasek Polytechnic through the Early Admission Exercise. Encouraged by her father, she pursued a Diploma in Business, specialising in International Business and Entrepreneurship, seizing every opportunity for hands-on learning.

    Her active involvement during her internship at Agrida Pte Ltd and participation in the Polytechnic Forum, showcased Rifat's commitment to practical education and community engagement.

    Supported by her family, Rifat navigated her polytechnic years with resilience, excelling in leadership roles as President of the Entrepreneurship Club and Deputy President of the Toastmasters Club. Her initiatives, from financial literacy workshops to public speaking events, aimed to empower her peers.

    Rifat's outstanding achievements, including placement on the Director's List, receiving the Eco-Tropical Resources Scholarship, and winning the Gold Medal at the ASEAN Virtual Entrepreneurship Hackathon 2022, reflect her relentless pursuit of excellence.

    Apart from academics, Rifat finds joy in hobbies such as making preserved flower bouquets and capturing natural landscapes through art. Despite personal challenges such as the loss of her grandfather, Rifat emerged stronger.

    Rifat aims to be a business changemaker, advocating for underrepresented communities and making a positive societal impact. With her passion, determination, and dedication, Rifat plans to pursue further education in business.

  • Quentin Chia
    Diploma in Psychology Studies
  • Quentin’s passion for positive social impact was nurtured from a young age.

    His studies in psychology at Temasek Polytechnic (TP), particularly the global studies module, provided him with firsthand experience in the transformative power of community involvement.  Collaborating with Voices of Singapore, he organised events that brought joy to intellectually disabled youth, deepening his understanding of diverse expressions and belonging.

    Leadership and teamwork are second nature to Quentin, evident in his sporting journey.  Captaining the TP Table Tennis team, Quentin fostered a culture of motivation and teamwork, culminating in their triumphant victory at the POLITE Championship in 2022, the first in over eight years. His dedication earned him the title of Polite Champion 2022 along with the Full Colours and Half Colour Awards.  It also reinforced his belief in the power of sports to unite and inspire.

    Volunteering at Harvest Care Centre and with Special Olympics, Quentin witnessed the power of sports in building confidence and inclusivity. He further strengthened his commitment to this cause by obtaining additional certifications to better serve those with intellectual disabilities.

    Quentin plans to pursue a degree in psychology after his national service. Whether through research or direct counselling, he is determined to make a difference in the lives of others and contribute meaningfully to society.


The Ngee Ann Kongsi Most Outstanding Overcomer Award

The Ngee Ann Kongsi Most Outstanding Overcomer Award gives recognition to a student who has demonstrated strong perseverance in overcoming the odds and setbacks in life to complete the course of study with good academic records, and is exemplary in his or her conduct. It is named after the renowned charitable foundation, The Ngee Ann Kongsi, in honour of its generous contribution to TP.


  • Raphaella Renanthera Gautama
    Diploma in Law & Management
  • At just 16, Raphaella was diagnosed with a rare condition, fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, restricting her mobility. Despite this and the passing of her father amidst the pandemic, she refused to let circumstances define her.

    Witnessing her mother navigate complex legal issues during this challenging time sparked her passion for law, particularly family law, where access to information and support is crucial.

    Driven by a desire to help others, Raphaella enrolled in the Law & Management course at Temasek Polytechnic (TP), where she found a supportive environment. Her internship at a law firm further fuelled her passion for community and criminal law.

    Despite limitations, Raphaella gave back. She volunteered at the TP SENvocates, advocating for persons with disabilities and even became the Events Director in her third year. One initiative that she was involved in was "Let's Hang Out" sessions provided a safe space for students with special needs to interact.

    Her love for languages and photography showcased her multifaceted talents and zest for life. Adept at time management, Raphaella crafted meticulous to-do lists and maintained a flexible schedule that worked around her pain. Her mother and sisters are her unwavering support system, their love a constant source of strength.

    Looking forward, Raphaella aims for a law degree specialising in criminal and family law. She aspires to be a lawyer who champions accessibility and legal awareness. She hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams, creating a more understanding and empowered world for everyone.