Chng Tze Chen

Diploma in Mechatronics

Driven to Succeed

After winning prizes at the prestigious Shell Eco-Challenge in 2019 and 2020, Tze Chen is working to lead the Temasek Polytechnic team to victory again in 2021.

When Tze Chen heard about TP’s development team for the annual Shell Eco-Challenge race, he fought to get a place on the team. He was the only freshman in the team, but managed to balance his full academic workload, squeeze time to develop the winning three-wheeled racing car, and maintain his GPA. In the 2020 race, the TP car won the Technical Innovation prize for its efficient ‘purge-free’ fuel-cell power unit that was developed in-house.

Now team captain for the upcoming 2021 race, Tze Chen has decided to enter the Eco-Challenge’s highly competitive Urban Concept category. “I think our chances are quite good with our own fuel-cell power unit. It is custom-made to meet our requirements – not an off-the-shelf unit. We also fabricate our own carbon-fibre chassis and components to have total control over the car’s performance and capabilities.”

In the future, when Formula-1 cars switch to hydrogen fuel-cell engines, Tze Chen will be more than ready to live his dream of being part of an F-1 racing team. Watch out racing world!

Phyllis Soo

Diploma in Business

Impacting Lives

Phyllis Soo is a recipient of the prestigious Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding All-Round Achievement 2020. The award recognises outstanding academic and non-academic achievements of post-secondary students who have made significant contributions to the community and demonstrated the spirit of innovation and enterprise. Phyllis also received the CapitaLand Award for All-Round Excellence when she graduated from TP, for her amazing contribution as President of TP’s Community Service Club and excellent academic performance.

It was a Youth Expedition Project to Vietnam in her second year, which ignited Phyllis’ passion for community work. She helped build roads for the local community and worked with children – an experience that made her grateful for what she had in her own life. An advocate of hard work and giving her best in everything she does, what drives Phyllis’ passion for community service is that one never knows whose life it will impact.

Phyllis is presently pursuing a degree in Business Management at the Singapore Management University and hopes to start her own social enterprise in the future.

Lucas Chew

Diploma in Biotechnology

Climate Change Fighter

Lucas Chew embodies the drive, passion and resilience of the Temasek Polytechnic student. Passionate about marine science, this eloquent young man actually sourced for his own internship at the St. John's Island National Marine Laboratory, by winning the EXPLORE – Young Marine Scientist Research Award, where he proposed and planned his own research project. He is presently working on a climate change investigation to observe how ocean acidification will affect giant clams in the future.

In his second year, when working on his Guided Learning module, Lucas even co-authored a book, now selling on Amazon, called “Just Being Nosy: Everything you need to know about your dysfunctional nose and how to fix it”. An all-rounder who is in TP’s swim team and captain of TP’s life-saving team, he is also in the national fin swimming team.

Lucas is on track to pursue a degree in environmental science and eventually wants to have a career in environmental policy and planning. He aims to get people more interested in plant and marine science, and raise awareness about what people can do to conserve our environment.

Hrithie Menon

Diploma in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics

Keeping Cyber Attacks at Bay

Hrithie’s dream is to be a frontline defender in the cybersecurity industry—a dream that was ignited when her mother’s business website was hacked into four years ago. Seeing her mother in despair, she clocked in hours of research to find ways to bring the website to its original state, and secure it from future attacks—and she succeeded. Hrithie then even began to offer this service as a freelancer.

As Honorary Secretary of the Association of Information Security Professionals (AISP) Student Chapter, Hrithie has had the opportunity to gain deeper insights into monitoring system networks, analysing malware, ethical hacking and even attend industry events such as GovWare.

As the pool of women in technology continues to grow, Hrithie hopes to further her learning, impart her knowledge and inspire more women who are setting foot into the tech world. She aspires to stay in the cybersecurity field and pursue her degree at National University of Singapore.

Not just a cyber whizz, Hrithie is also a floorball player, winning titles at Polytechnic-Institute of Education (POL-ITE) and Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) games. Clearly, she believes in the importance of working hard and playing hard to succeed in life.

Low Jun Jie

Diploma in Communication Design

Questioning Society through Art

Being sensitive to social issues is critical for any designer and, for Jun Jie, winning the highly prestigious D&AD Yellow Pencil Award in the New Blood category affirmed that belief he has long held.

Jun Jie, or JJ, is never afraid of confronting problems head-on. As a freshman, after completing his Polytechnic Foundation Programme, he sensed that he was not in the right course, and made the switch to Communication Design, even though this meant delaying his graduation by a year.

His winning submission, FACESHOP: A Selfie Dysmorphia, follows a familiar sensitive vein – noticing the social impact of selfie culture on the youth of today, and the extent to which young people will go to project an idealised image of themselves. The resulting campaign which he crafted powerfully and convincingly makes a case for one to accept one’s appearance, instead of an artificial unattainable ideal image.

With his simple ‘never try, never know’ mantra, JJ is not afraid to question the status quo and ask difficult questions of society – giving him an unmistakeable bold and brave visual style.

Haanee Hamkah

Diploma in Biomedical Science

Sprinting Her Way to Success

Haanee Hamkah grew up reading and watching her father, a former national sprinter, who sparked her interest in the sport. Not only is Hamkah Afik her role model and inspiration in life, but also Team Temasek’s Track & Field coach of 10 years.

Paving her own road to success, Haanee’s dream of following in her father’s footsteps is right on track with achievements such as the POL-ITE Championships. In 2018, she claimed Gold medals for the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay as well as a Silver for the 4x400m relay. In the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Championships 2018 and 2019, she bagged Golds in the 100m and 4x100m relay events for two consecutive years. Her national triumphs include setting a new national junior record for the 4x100m relay event, and representing Singapore at the SEA Games and Asian Athletics Championship.

A firm believer in being consistent in everything she does, Haanee follows a strict schedule to ensure that her sports and academic performances are never compromised. She attributes this discipline to TP’s learning environment where she trusts the training process, and is part of a well-bonded team of other resilient and dedicated athletes.

Next up, Haanee has her sights set on the 2021 SEA Games, and hopes to eventually pursue a career in sports medicine.