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Course Overview

Ever wondered what goes into planning an event or a programme? If your answer is yes, then this module will definitely be of interest to you! ! In this module, you will gain knowledge of the key psychological factors that guide behaviour of people aged 50 years and above. Students will learn and practice hands-on skills with the aim to design and implement meaningful and engaging programme for ‘active agers’. Students will also examine current and emerging practices for project, event and activity development, implementation and management. 


Why 50 years and above? Well, Singapore is fast approaching a population with a high percentage of older adults. The demand for individuals who know how to plan specific programmes and/or events for this group of people are on the rise! 



This module skilfully intertwines behavioural psychology and programme planning, and helps to engender a ‘service’ learning mindset while promoting intergenerational learning and bonding.

What You'll Learn

At the end of the module, students will be able to:


  • Understand the role of learning and memory in cognitive psychology
  • Describe the phases of human development
  • Practise ways to improve motivations, emotions and stress
  • Apply psychological concepts in everyday living
  • Be aware of the different psychology career options available
  • Gain insights into the issues and trends of the Special Needs Education and Social Service sectors in Singapore


Students will be assessed via the following assessment components:


  • Individual Assignment - 60%
  • Group Work’ - 30%
  • Class Participation (Individual) - 10%


Completion criteria:

Students are required to:


  • Fulfill 75% of the attendance and
  • Obtain a pass mark of at least 50% upon completion of the module.

Course Schedule

Intake Info Application Period Course Duration

To be advised

To be advised

30 Hours

Contact Details

  • AEM Coordinator
  • Temasek Polytechnic reserves the right to alter the course, modify the scale of fee, amend any other information or cancel course with low enrolment.

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