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Course Overview

Have you ever wonder how the aircrafts stay airborne, how they are made and how they are flown? Or are you keen to find out the foundation of ground operations, flight scheduling & air traffic control of an airport? You may have both wishes fulfilled by signing up for the Introduction to Aviation & Aerospace AEM, which introduces you to the world of aviation from the theory, design, testing to the flying of an aircraft. You will be exposed to both the engineering and business aspects of the aviation industry with practical experiments, unmanned aerial vehicles and field trips.


It will be conducted within a duration of 30 hours with a class size of 20.





  • Introduce students to the aviation and aerospace industry
  • Allow students to appreciate the theory of flight and the design of aircrafts
  • Experience the principles of flying manned and unmanned aircrafts
  • Introduce students to aviation business operations


This module is taught Intensively over a 2-week or 10 day session during the Secondary Schools’ Post-exam period or school vacation.

What You'll Learn

At the end of the module, students will be able to:


  • Understand the theory of how aircraft fly and consequently, how theory affects the design of aircraft.
  • Understand how different designs affect aircraft performance by conducting aerodynamic experiments.
  • Understand and apply the theory of multi-rotor unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV)
  • Understand that the airport environment has more players than just pilots and cabin crew.


Students will be assessed on the following criteria:


Individual Weightage
Class participation 10%
Assignments 60%


Group Weightage

Aircraft design and testing

  • Aircraft Model Design
  • Aerodynamics Testing

Flying Muti-rotor UAV

  • UAV Design Project
  • UAV Setup & Flight


Completion criteria:

Students are required to:


  • Fulfill 75% of the attendance and
  • Obtain a pass mark of at least 50% upon completion of the module.

Course Schedule

Intake Info Application Period Course Duration

To be advised

To be advised

30 Hours

Contact Details

  • AEM Coordinator
  • Temasek Polytechnic reserves the right to alter the course, modify the scale of fee, amend any other information or cancel course with low enrolment.

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