“What Am I, If I Am Not” Exhibition



What Am I, If I Am Not
Library Level 2

3 Oct to 30 Nov 2022


Join us in this photo exhibition by ThisConnect that showcases 572 community-made masks made by ordinary Singaporeans of different ages, races, and socio-economic statuses. Through art engagement workshops that span over six months, the ThisConnect team brought conversations on mental health, self-awareness, and emotional literacy to the communities. The participants were guided through a process to explore their own well-being and the future they envision their lives to be. At the end of the workshop, participants created masks representing their truest and most authentic selves and had their portraits taken. The 572 powerful portraits documented the precious hopes and desires of ordinary Singaporeans.


Check the portraits out at TP Library Level 2 from now until 30 November 2022.