Food, Nutrition & Culinary Science

Have you ever wondered how local favourites such as laksa or nasi lemak can be given a healthier makeover? Are you curious about the science behind meatless meat? Did you know nutrition can be personalised to prevent and manage disease? This course will equip you with the latest knowledge and skills that integrate food science and technology, nutrition as well as culinary disciplines. You will also learn to develop new food products that are market-ready, low on the Glycemic Index, nutritious and safe.  

Why Us?

The only course in Singapore that integrates three sectors – food, nutrition and culinary science, facilitating multi-disciplinary learning.

Get hands-on work experience in our student-run learning enterprise, Bistro Lab, for a seamless transition to the food industry.

Build the skills to conduct community health and nutrition programmes that will improve lives.

Our Student Projects

Development of low glycemic index (GI) products with industry partner

In 2019, a group of students worked with one of Singapore’s leading home-grown food manufacturers, Lim Kee Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd. Famed for their local breakfast meals such as steamed buns and dim sum, our students were tasked to develop a range of low GI products that include Chicken Char Siew Bao, Oyster Chicken Bao, Mantou and Curry Chicken Bao. These are currently in the process of being commercialised.

ProVeg Food Innovation Challenge (ASEAN region)

In 2020, FNC students Benedict, Kathleen and Annabel participated in the ProVeg Food Innovation Challenge. The team focused on advocating plant-based meat alternatives at FNC’s Learning Enterprise – Bistro Lab Cafeteria. They provided more plant-based food choices in the menu and ensured they were publicised to customers. They were also behind a series of educational videos and infographics that shared more on the benefits of plant-based foods. Popular food items were also given a makeover as they shared interesting recipes using plant-based alternatives. The team were amongst 13 finalists and received special mention for their plant-based innovations.

Project collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Students from FNC also participated in collaborative projects with international organizations. Between 2020 and 2021, students and staff from FNC partnered with FAO to develop a series of educational resource kits, aimed at promoting healthy diets and food safety practices amongst street food vendors in South and Southeast Asia. The team developed e-recipe cards, e-booklets and YouTube videos which were well received by the target audience. This collaboration enabled our students to apply their culinary skills and knowledge in food science and nutrition to have a positive impact on the global community.

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