Common Business Programme

Have you set your sights on a business course but need more time to explore its many possibilities? Our Common Business Programme (CBP) offers you time to find out more about the seven courses in School of Business before you decide on the one you would like to pursue.

In your first semester of CBP, you will gain insights into our courses through core subjects which will provide you with a strong business foundation. You will discover your interests and strengths, fulfil aspirations through career profiling tools and have opportunities to learn more about potential career options through interactions with course-relevant industry professionals.

Why Us?

One choice; many possibilities – Choose from 7 future-ready Business Diplomas.

Discover your interests through Career and Personality profiling tools in our Career Readiness and Leadership modules.

Attend workshops and interact with faculty staff to know more about the various options and career possibilities before deciding on your choice of Diploma.

Our Student Testimonials

Luis Kok Yih Hon

When I visited Temasek Poly's Open House, I really liked the atmosphere of the school, with the students and lecturers being really friendly. The workshops and talks conducted gave me a better sense of what each diploma offers. It eased the decision-making process and allowed me to find the diploma I think would suit me the best, something I could not have done without joining CBP at TP.

Milda Sorhanis Bte Mohammad

I have always been interested in the world of business and choosing TP CBP has provided me with an overall academic knowledge and skills which helps me to develop a broad understanding of the different business structures such as accounting, management and analytics. This exposure allows me to decide the course I would like to further pursue in the future.

Christian Gabriel Tan Hock Chye

I chose Common Business Programme in TP as I felt that the course options were much wider in variety compared to other schools. I feel like I made the right decision in coming to CBP at TP as the lecturers were amazing and the opportunity to explore the courses while getting a grasp of business subjects would help everyone in their journey through the school and beyond. If I could, I would do it all over again!

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