International Trade & Logistics

Having sound and current knowledge and skills in international trade and supply chain management will be critical for a logistics professional. This course has you covered in all these areas, and you will also acquire business innovation and necessary digital skills to value-add to your organisation.

You will be trained to be industry-ready through a strong foundation in business studies and specialised training in essential supply chain functions such as freight forwarding operations, supply management and sustainability-driven logistics. You will learn about international trade compliance and acquire digitalisation skills to prepare you to navigate the world of international trade confidently!

Why Us?

Develop planning and analytical skills through practice-based learning in out-of-classroom activities such as international competitions and local/overseas internships.

Through industry projects, get deep insights into the digital transformation of freight forwarding and logistics, driven by the exponential growth of the e-commerce industry.

Gain from interdisciplinary projects which span the fields of business, logistics, IT and engineering.

Our Student Projects

Layout Planning and Process Improvement

Students identified key inefficiencies in the workflow of the distribution centre and proposed an updated layout to improve floor space utilisation.

Dynamic Reporting System (DRS) Enhancement Project

Students enhanced traceability of products by creating a reporting dashboard and a wireframe of a phone application for operators’ use.

Utilising Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Internal Operations

Students analysed workflow of daily operations and scripted RPA modules for use to improve checking processes and reduce potential human errors.

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