Law & Management

Law affects all aspects of life, and this course will give you a strong foundation in business, global mindset and edge in meeting the challenges of today’s working world.

Gain from the theoretical and practical curriculum that will equip you with a wide variety of skills, such as communication skills, management, accounting, economics, IT and marketing.

You will not only be highly sought after by law firms, but also by government agencies and legal departments in private companies such as banks, insurance companies and real estate agencies.

The only polytechnic offering a full-time diploma in law & management.

Be ready for the future legal industry through innovative and industry-relevant training in traditional and developing areas of law as well as legal technology.

Training in problem-solving and analytical thinking skills in a legal context will prepare you for numerous career pathways and further educational disciplines upon graduation.

Student Life in Law & Managament

iLaw Chambers is where students are trained to use specialised legal research and law office productivity tools.

The Justice Shield Law Advocacy Competition is an annual event where Law & Management students compete with each other to have their names inscribed on the Justice Shield. Arguing as Prosecution or Defence in a mock murder trial, the competitors persuade judges who include District Judges and Senior Lawyers to convict or acquit the accused.

Law & Management students travel to the UK or Australia to visit places such as Parliament, the Royal Courts of Justice, the Inns of Court and various universities to enhance their learning journey.

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