“Master the topic, the message, and the delivery.” — Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Apple

Marketing is the key component to building great companies. Here, you can pursue your passion of becoming a successful professional in branding, digital and social media marketing, and e-commerce. There are a wide range of career opportunities because marketing skills are needed by diverse industries to grow their businesses. Benefit from innovative and experiential learning opportunities such as industry networking, company-based projects, and competitions.

Work with industry clients from SMEs to MNCs such as Seoul Garden Hotpot, Sennheiser and DBS.

Attain industry recognised certification that include Google, Hubspot, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Explore the design thinking and cross-disciplinary approach that is integrated into the curriculum to develop all-rounded future marketers.

Our Student Projects

Marketing Year 3 students worked on an integrated project to launch a premium durian ice cream for Golden Moments. Students conducted extensive research, analysis, and idea generation using the Design Thinking Framework as a guide to help them create an effective marketing campaign to enrich and elevate the brand. Their proposals were multidisciplinary in nature as they encompassed disciplines such as Branding, Public Relations, Marketing Automation, and Artificial Intelligence.

Students were tasked by One Faber Group to develop a PR campaign for their Dining and Attraction segments.

One group of students developed an innovative proposal, including a gamification mobile app to encourage patrons to put down their phones to connect with their family and friends while enjoying the sights and sounds at the attraction.

Named, ‘Disconnect to Connect’, this proposal won the Best PR Student Project award at the PRISM Awards 2019, organised by the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore.

Sennheiser partnered with the Diploma in Marketing and worked with students over a two-year period.

The first collaboration in April 2020 was a public relations campaign to promote their latest earbuds. The group who developed a storytelling campaign won the hearts of the Sennheiser marketing team.

In April 2021, Sennheiser saw the need to build a community for better customer engagement and worked closely with two groups of Major Project students. Students experienced real agency work – reporting their findings and sharing their proposals through regular meetings and updates.

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