Apparel Design & Merchandising

Tomorrow’s fashion creatives are likely to be highly versatile all-rounders who must understand, spot and create trends. They must know the fashion life cycle intimately and be able to work across the fashion process from concept creation and production to marketing and brand storytelling. They must communicate well and collaborate with different industries. All this, preferably with a sustainable mindset too. The ADM course prepares students to be highly sought-after creatives of the future. From the bedrock of a good foundation programme in Year 1, to the baseline technical skills needed for the fashion industry, students are constantly challenged through industry briefs, competitions and internships. They will emerge in Year 3, as young promising designers, stylists, brand executives, buyers and entrepreneurs who will shape the world of fashion.

Why Us?

The only fashion course in a polytechnic!

Choose from two exciting options to specialise in – Fashion Design or Retail Merchandising.

Work with the latest in Swiss sewing technology at the TP-BERNINA Creative Studio right on our campus.

Our Student Projects

BERNINA X Sustainability 2021

Created in the BERNINA Creative Studio, with sustainability at the heart of this collaboration, our Year 3 designers combined the use of unconventional materials such as discarded packaging, exposed films, plastic bags, fabric scraps with creative techniques of upcycling and zero-waste production. The outcome was a series of fun, innovative textiles draped in the form of contemporary, runway-worthy silhouettes.

The works were exhibited at Funan Mall from August to September 2021 .

Chingay Parade 2021 - 'Light of Hope'

In collaboration with People’s Association, our Year 2 fashion design students were tasked to design costumes for different categories of dance performances lined up for the opening and finale segments of Chingay Parade 2021. Students were engaged in the process from concept, design to execution, right down to the styling and manufacturing aspects of the production.

Frankfurt Style Award 202 1st Runner Up - The Human Condition

The Human Condition is a collection that portrays the transition of an individual with high functioning depression as they battle their societal and psychological settings. Depression, along with many other mental illnesses, can be very well masked on the exterior, with one putting on a façade to fit societal expectations. Like a Russian doll, the collection uncovers the layers barricading a person’s innermost nature, incorporating the colour contrasts of brain imaging that is often used to analyse various mental illnesses.


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