Common Design Programme

Are you keen on pursuing an education in design, but unsure which discipline to specialise in? With our newly launched Common Design Programme (CDP), gain foundational knowledge and a better understanding of the process, craft, context and mindset of design. Build your creative confidence and discover your strengths and interests. After a fun and engaging semester in CDP, you will then deepen your learning through one of five design pathways.

Why Us?

Over the course of 16 weeks, you will get a sneak peek into the five design pathways through sharing sessions and taster workshops conducted by the diplomas.

Grab the opportunity to interact with peers from the various pathways and broaden your perspective and critical thinking skills.

At the end of the first semester, choose your preferred design diploma that will lead you to diverse career options in both design and non-design sectors.

Our Student Projects

Exploration and Experimentation

Through iterative exercises designed to encourage creativity and imagination, students are able to express their ideas through form exploration and material experimentation.

Contextual Learning and Discovery

Students get to learn about the historical and socio-political context of influential art and design movements, while discovering the core concepts of design to address complex challenges of tomorrow.

Craft, Expression and Ideation

Using Elements of Visual Art, Principles of Design and Typography, students develop the ability to craft engaging narratives and communicate abstract ideas effectively.

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